All Stone, All Sealed

Essential All Stone Sealers offer amazing sealing power for both internal & external stone surfaces. All Stone Sealers offer exceptional value and provide the following benefits:

  • Stain Resistance

    All Stone Sealers advanced water-based sealants penetrate into the surface of the stone to protect against water staining

  • Safe H2O formula

    Essential All Stone Sealers VOC free H2O formulation contains no harmful acids or solvents

  • 3 looks available

    All Stone Sealers are available in Matt Effect, Satin Gloss Finish and colour enhancing Colour Boost formula

  • Multi-surface Protection

    Essential All Stone Sealers offer outstanding value combined with exceptional performance

    Will it work on your stone? Probably. These all purpose stone sealers are formulated for porous external natural stone surfaces, such as slate, terracotta, quarry tile, yorkstone, sandstone, limestone, concrete and many more stone types.

  • All Stone Sealers Range

“Suitable for ALL types of natural porous stone, Essential All Stone Sealers are professional sealants for natural stone surfaces. They seal, protect and can also boost & enhance the natural colours of the stone surface”

So easy to apply!

The easy to follow ‘How-to-guide’ videos below demonstrate the power of the Essential All Stone Sealers range – watch as they seal and transform stone samples in next to no time!

Choose your preferred finish /effect:

  • SC4U Essential Range All Stone Sealer Matt (5L)

    All Stone Sealer Matt Finish

    ESSENTIAL ALL STONE SEALER MATT provides excellent water repellency and long lasting protection. Once sealed, the attractive matt finish helps to prevent efflorescence, moss, algae growth and general dirt settlement.

  • SC4U Essential Range All Stone Sealer Colour Boost (5L)

    All Stone Sealer Colour Boost

    ESSENTIAL ALL STONE SEALER COLOUR BOOST is a professional sealant for natural stone surfaces. A water-based impregnating sealer, it enhances the natural hues of the stone with deeper, more vibrant colours.

  • SC4U Essential Range All Stone Sealer Satin (5L)

    All Stone Sealer Satin Finish

    ESSENTIAL ALL STONE SEALER SATIN is a professional sealant for porous external natural surfaces. The safe, water-based formula is a top coat protective sealer that creates a durable, clear satin finish.

  • Safety Kit (PPE) Value Bundle

  • Safety first

    Working with professional cleaners and sealants requires concentration and application. We want you to do a brilliant job and we believe that a safety first mantra is vital to achieving professional standards.

    We take safety very seriously and we recommend you use personal protection equipment when using our products. To that end, we have created a Safety Kit which contains the essentials you should use when applying cleaners and sealants; goggles, gloves and a mask. We have priced the bundle at a very affordable level to encourage people to buy it at the same time as the cleaner/sealer; after all, a job done safely is a job well done so please take care.