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  • How long does Patio Perfect Patio Cleaner take to work?

    Patio Perfect Patio Cleaner is formulated to deliver perfect cleaning results in just 2 hours. You can of course leave Patio Perfect for longer, it will keep working and give an even stronger, more powerful finish, but 90 minutes is the minimum we recommend to leave the cleaner in contact with the stone surface.

    Will Patio Perfect Patio Cleaner damage my lawn?

    Patio Perfect Patio Cleaner has, amongst other compounds, an active biocide – this destroys organic vegetation such as weeds and moss between slabs or pavers. When you apply Patio Perfect to patios or pathways next to grass or similar vegetation, you must ensure you thoroughly wash away the cleaner at the end of the process.

    Dowsing lawn and other areas with clean fresh water will dilute away the remaining cleaner and whilst it may temporarily lighten the grass, it will regain it’s natural colour shortly afterwards.

    Why should I apply Stay-Clean Patio Sealer after cleaning?

    Patio Perfect Patio Cleaner strips back all the grime, dirt and encrusted matter from your stone surfaces, essentially giving you a blank canvas. The clean effect will last but ultimately with the passage of time grime and seasonal dirt will return.

    By applying Stay-Clean Patio Sealer immediately after cleaning, you can seal in the clean, pristine finish. A protective barrier will prevent grime and dirt from sinking into the stone, so providing a cleaner, more durable finish. Cleaning new dirt will be much easier as it will be sitting on top of the stone surface and won’t have sunk into the top layer of the patio/driveway/path.

    What surface area will Patio Perfect Patio Cleaner cover?

    A standard 5 Litre bottle should be usually applied with a dilution ratio of 1:1, so a bottle gives you 10 litres of cleaning solution. When applied with a pressure sprayer, you will have up to 50m² of coverage area.

    My patio is not completely clean after using Patio Perfect Patio Cleaner?

    Patio Perfect Patio Cleaner will restore outdoor stone surfaces to a greatly improved condition, regardless of the age and state of the stone. However, hard, encrusted matter such as black lichen will require a bit more effort as it will have become deeply embedded into the stone. If you have a lot of aged, hard lichen or black spots, we recommend that you keep an amount of cleaner back when you apply the solution (see below).

    We recommend using a pressure washer when washing away the cleaner for heavily aged / dirty patios. The pressure will lift up the lichen and other stubborn materials that will have been loosened by Patio Perfect.

    For perfectionists, if you find that some black marks or tough lichen remains: a second, NEAT application using the saved over cleaning solution followed by another pressure wash will really eliminate all traces and give you a ‘good as new’ finish.

    Can I use Patio Perfect Patio Cleaner on walls or roofs?

    Patio Perfect Patio Cleaner can be used on outdoor stone surfaces, whether horizontal or vertical. If using Patio Perfect on roof areas, be careful of spray and spillage and rinse off thoroughly with clean water.

    As a general rule, we recommend that you try a small inconspicuous area before any application to your stone surfaces, regardless of the location.

    Patio Perfect smells a bit like bleach?

    Patio Perfect Patio Cleaner comprises 4 key components, including a powerful biocide that eliminates organic matter from stone surfaces. It also uses a chlorine type agent (at a much higher concentration than domestic products) and this give it the familiar smell. If you are curious pour some regular household bleach on your patio and then pour some Patio Perfect next to it – you will see the difference immediately!

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