Money Back Guarantee

  • If you are not satisfied with Patio Perfect Patio Cleaner, we’ll give you your money back!

    Our Money Back Guarantee is simple: if you aren’t entirely satisfied with the performance of Patio Perfect Patio Cleaner, we will refund you in full.

    Patio Perfect Patio Cleaner is the best outdoor stone cleaning and renovator you can buy! We truly believe this and back it up with our money back guarantee. If you follow the guidelines as per the label and are not completely satisfied with the finished look after application then we will refund you*.

    Please note that for the very best results, we recommend using a pressure washer after at least 2 hours application period to really strip away the embedded grime and encrusted matter such as lichen. For aged, stubborn deposits, it is recommended to apply a second application of “NEAT” undiluted Patio Perfect Patio Cleaner for a further 60 minutes before power washing clean.

    *To return the product and claim your money back, you must follow our standard terms of use: Always perform a small test in an inconspicuous area, this will determine the amount of dwell time and dilution required for optimal cleaning. IF you find that the test does not give you the desired results, then return the opened bottle to us to claim your money back refund.

  • Stonecare4u Essential Patio Perfect Patio Cleaner 5L

  • Up to 5X better results

  • Unbeatable Performance

    We’ve tried all the outdoor cleaners on the market, they all work quite well but none can compete with Patio Perfect Patio Cleaner! Quite simply, our cleaner will blitz your patio, driveway, paths and terraces in superior fashion – up to 5 times as effective as the competition.


  • Brings Patios, Driveways back to life

    Apply Patio Perfect Patio Cleaner to your patio according to the instructions, use a pressure washer to clean away – be amazed! If after at least 2 applications it’s not completely clean, then you can use our Money Back Guarantee. Try the best, forget the rest…


Remember! Patio Perfect Patio Cleaner Money Back Guarantee is only available from Stonecare4u. No other product can deliver better results. You will be delighted with the finished look.

  • Powerful performance with an acid free formula

    Patio Perfect Patio Cleaner is an alkaline based solution for a less aggressive impact

    Patio Perfect Patio Cleaner works without harmful acids – most rival cleaning products will work on your patio or pathways, but the majority use formulas with corrosive acids that can etch and damage the natural stone surface.


  • Professional Performance - Acid-Free Formula

  • Seal it!

    To preserve and protect your beautifully clean patio, driveway or paths, apply a stone sealer. Stay-Clean Patio Sealer is the ideal companion product for Patio Perfect Patio Cleaner as they have been specially formulated to work together.

    It makes sense to seal your outdoor stone after having taken the time to clean it properly. By applying an outdoor stone sealer like Stay-Clean Patio Sealer, you will create a protective barrier that prevents grime from getting back into the stone. Your clean, pristine patio or driveway will stay clean for longer and if you have natural stone, you will also enjoy the colour enhancing properties of Stay-Clean.

    For more ideas on cleaning and sealing natural stone, tiles, grout and much more, why not visit the main Stonecare4u website.

  • Stay-Clean 5L