Algae Cleaner – Rid Your Surfaces Of Algae And Lichen

Algae is a common issue and can form on almost any outdoor surface. Patio Perfect offer a high-performance algae cleaner that enables you to tackle this common problem quickly and effectively. Our cost-effective algae cleaner provides the perfect solution to combatting algae and lichen on a multitude of outdoor surfaces. If you have a patio, you may be familiar with algae and lichen. With our patio algae cleaner, you can not only rid your hard surfaces of this eye-sore but also prevent it from returning. This means you can easily ensure the outside of your property boasts a clean and fresh look all year round. Our algae cleaner is a biodegradable, adaptable formula that can be used on a range of hard outdoor surfaces. It can also be used as a k rend algae cleaner to clean walls that have been rendered.

What Is Algae And How Does It Form?

Algae will develop and spread on damp, external hard surfaces. Any surface that is porous and retains water easily will be at risk of developing algae. Stone, K rend, tarmac and wood are common materials that algae will form on. The algae plant varies in colour and size. Some algae can grow quite substantially if left untreated, so it is important to tackle the problem once it arises. Algae tends to be green red, and has a slippery texture, making it dangerous under-foot. The plant grows quickly in damp conditions, spreading spores to other habitable surfaces.

Algae thrive by absorbing the minerals produced by moist external surfaces, using them to aid growth. If left untreated, the algae plant will spread rapidly to surrounding surfaces. If you have a water feature, pond or pool on your premises, you may notice they are perfect targets for algae. This unwanted plant can quickly reduce the appeal of an attractive garden feature. Thankfully, our algae cleaner provides a fast, safe, and easy solution. With our professional product, it has never been so easy to remove and prevent algae build-ups. You simply dilute the formula and apply it the surface that has been affected. The algae will disappear and leave you with a clean and attractive surface. You can also be confident that with the correct maintenance, your outdoor areas are protected from further algae build-ups.

Surfaces That Are Affected By Algae

Algae thrives on any surface that can retain moisture. This means that any outdoor hard surface can fall victim to this unwanted plant. Patios, natural stone, tarmac, wooden surfaces, concrete and even K rend are all prime places for algae to form. Our top K rend algae remover will eliminate the plant swiftly and easily and help to prevent further growth. Other hard outdoor surfaces that are potential dwellings for algae include roof tiles, decking, walls and paving stone. Wooden decking and patios are particularly vulnerable to algae build-ups and this can become a safety hazard as well as visually unpleasant.

Our Patio algae cleaner will solve this problem and leave your surfaces safe and slip-free. Our outdoor areas are important parts of our property. We should be able to enjoy walkways, walls and brickwork that is safe as well as aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, K Rend has been popular in recent years and the product can be used as a K Rend Algae Cleaner.

Why Do I Need To Use Algae Cleaner?

Algae can be relentless in growth and is not an easy plant to simply wipe away. Basic methods of tackling the issue, such as removing the plant with hands, tools or jet washer, will not suffice. Simply removing the algae will be a very short-lived solution as the plant will return swiftly. This is why Patio Perfect provides a specially formulated algae cleaner to combat the issue and keep the plant away. Patio floors can be refreshed and returned to a safe and slip-free zone with our top-quality patio algae cleaning products. This long-lasting treatment is extremely effective, and the only way to ensure your outdoor areas will remain algae free.

Simple gardening and cleaning will not prevent further growth of algae and lichen. Our product will tackle the root of the problem and keep it away. You may notice that algae is a greater concern in damper seasons, such as autumn and winter. These are not months that we wish to be spending a great deal of time outside gardening. With our products, you can perform the treatment in minimal time.

Using Patio Perfect Patio Cleaners

Treating your hard surfaces with our algae remover and algae cleaning products is easy and hassle-free. Simply follow the provided instructions and your outdoor areas can be completely algae free for a year or more. With minimal time and effort, you can transform the look and feel of your properties’ exterior using our algae cleaner. This product is specially formulated and completely biodegradable, as well as acid-free. This means you can safely use it on all areas. Our algae cleaner is not harmful to pets or vegetation and can be easily discarded after use. If you have delicate stone surfaces, these will not be damaged by our non-aggressive product.

Our algae remover product is also highly effective on driveways, patios and decking and can serve as an algae cleaner. Our versatile range of products makes maintenance of your outdoor areas easy. You can apply our cleaners using a sprayer, and any remaining debris can be washed away with a garden hose. The formulas should be left to soak for at least an hour or two. If used as a K Rend algae cleaner, refer to application guidelines to ensure the correct dilution ratios are adhered to. Furthermore, result times will vary depending on the type of surface and area size. For maximum results, treat the surface when it is as dry as possible. This makes it easier for the formula to absorb.

Let Us Help

At Patio Perfect we have a team of friendly professionals that are happy to help. Contact us for assistance and we can help you determine your surface type and specific requirements. We have a range of algae cleaning and removal products, all providing optimum protection against alga infestations. Feel free to contact us via email, drop us a call or submit an online contact form. Take a look at our detailed product pages to find out what we have to offer.

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