Algae Remover For You External Hard Surfaces

Algae Remover is a high performing product that will illuminate algae and prevent it from returning. Using a highly effective patio algae remover will rid your surface of all algae. It will also remove the green or red discolouration that algae can cause. Patio Perfect’s top-quality algae remover is a cleaner and biocide that removes algae and lichen quickly, easily and cost-effectively. We provide top-rate algae remover that enables you to rid your surfaces from algae safely. Deck algae remover will efficiently treat your decking and patio surfaces, as well as many other hard outdoor areas. Our products are simple to use with straight-forward instructions ensuring maximum results in minimum time.

Where Does Algae Form And Why?

Patio Perfect’s algae remover is a versatile, biodegradable formula that can be used on many different external surfaces. These include patios and decking areas, wooden fencing, wooden sheds, walls, garage exteriors, paving, and roof tiles. These outdoor areas are prime places for algae to develop and thrive, causing quite an eye-sore for your garden or property. With our algae remover, it has never been easier to tackle this issue. You can easily dilute the solution and use a sprayer to apply it to the surface requiring treatment. The algae will simply fall away and leave your outdoor surface looking clean, fresh and most importantly, algae free.

Algae will inevitably begin to develop on any surface that is porous and retains moisture. This includes paving types made from natural stone, concrete surfaces and tarmac. Wood is also a porous material so a build-up of algae can quickly accumulate on outdoor wooden surfaces. On wooden decking, a deck algae remover can be used to eradicate all types of green organic growth. The use of porous sandstone has also risen of late and this brings with it the issue of algae too. The presence of this algae build-up is not only visually unattractive, but it can also be a safety hazard. Algae has a slippery texture, and this makes the surfaces it grows on become dangerous. Using our patio algae remover can leave your patio area looking great as well as making it a safer surface. Our outdoor areas should be somewhere we can enjoy, so it is important to eliminate potential dangers and the risk of accidents. Our deck algae remover does just that, so you can relax in the knowledge that your external walkways are slip-free.

Characteristics Of Algae

The algae plant can range in both size and colour. It is often small in size, but it can grow to over a metre long in certain environments. Algae will usually be red or green in colour and can develop on any surface or material that retains moisture. It will flourish in these moist conditions and uses its spores to seek appropriate surfaces to spread to. The algae plant will thrive on the minerals provided by the damp surface, absorbing these minerals in order to grow. The algae can rapidly grow and spread once a suitable surface is found. They form their own energy source from natural sunlight, carbon dioxide and water. Prime areas for the algae plant to spread quickly are surfaces around fishponds and pools. This can hinder the attractiveness of the feature greatly. The good news is that algae can be easily and safely removed, using the right algae remover. Patio Perfect provide extremely effective products that will not only clear the issue but also prevent it from re-occurring.

Algae Remover Products

Our formula is carefully designed to effectively remove all algae and ensure your outdoor surfaces are protected against infestations in the future. With some routine maintenance, all hard surface outdoor areas of your property will be kept looking their best and algae-free. After just one application of our deck algae remover, your external surfaces will be clean and free of algae spores. You can then apply our algae cleaner solution in diluted form to your surfaces twice yearly to ensure full protection. The most effective time of the year to apply algae remover is the start of Spring and the end of Autumn. We also provide a highly effective sealer that can be applied to surfaces. This sealer will slow down the dirt build-up process and make cleaning the area a much easier task.

Algae Cleaner

Patio Perfect offer algae cleaners that are specially made using unique formulations. Our tried and tested cleaners provide maximum protection against algae infestations, producing results very quickly. The algae cleaner is easy to use. There are full instructions on the application process, and you can use a spray bottle or watering can to apply. Result times will vary depending on the surface that the cleaner is applied to. For example, dense substrates like granite, clay and limestone could show results in a couple of hours. Other, more porous external surfaces may take a little longer to show results. These include wood surfaces, tarmac, concrete and decking. Our products contain active elements which will go on to protect the external surface. This can last from a few months up to two years, depending on the surface and environment.

Algae Remover – Acid-Free

Patio Perfect’s top Algae remover is a bio-degradable and acid-free product. This means that it is not harmful to vegetation. So, you can be confident in applying the product and letting nature take over. You will not need to clean the algae remover off at a later time as it will naturally disappear.


Ensure debris is moved from the area and wear gloves when applying the product. When mixing our algae remover ready for application, 1-part formula to 5 parts water is generally sufficient. As a general guide, 5 litres of algae remover will cover approximately 100m² when applied using a sprayer. It is advised to apply when the surface you are treating is as dry as it can be for maximum results. This is because a moist substrate will be difficult for the algae remover to absorb into, making the treatment less effective. Be sure to discard of any unused formula safely and always store new bottles in a safe place.

Algae Remover Products


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