Black Spot Remover For Your Stone Surfaces

Patio Perfect’s black spot remover is a strong cleaning product, specially formulated for removing black spot and lichen from stone surfaces. Our highly-effectively alkaline formula will tackle even the most stubborn black spot and lichen. This black spot remover is the perfect solution when faced with a black spot issue on your outdoor surfaces. Leave your walkway or patio clean and blackspot free with our top patio black spot remover. Outdoor stone surfaces are prime locations for black spot and lichen to grow. Rid your patio area of this infestation but applying our fast working patio black spot cleaner.

What Is Black Spot?

Black spot is a very common lichen that grows on a variety of exterior stone surfaces. It thrives in shady and damp conditions and will spread across the stone if not treated accordingly. Using a top-quality black spot remover such ours is the best way to treat it. UK weather means there are many shady and damp areas for black spot to grow and spread. It is a bigger issue on stone types that have larger pores as these help its growth. Black lichen will not only grow on the surface of your stone but also the other layers. This makes it tricky to remove with simple pressure washing or scrubbing techniques.

Which Types Of Stone is Affected By Black Spot?

Black spot matures and grows better on stone which larger pores. Most natural stone types will fall victim to black spot and lichen. Sandstone is an optimum stone for black spot to develop and thrive due to its open texture. Indian limestone is a stone that will rarely suffer from black spot and lichen due to its close-grained structure. Block paving slabs are also less prone to black spot growth. If your patio surface has developed black spot, you can easily treat this yourself using our fantastic patio black spot remover. With our patio black spot cleaner, there is no need to get professional help to clean your stone.

Why Is Patio Black Spot An Increasing Problem?

Due to the nature of black spot, it is very difficult to remove from patio and stone surfaces. It penetrates multiple layers of the material and continues to grow. Traditional stone cleaning methods such as jet washing and manually scrubbing will have very little impact on black spot. In fact, these actions could damage the stone surface without fixing the issue at hand. Whereas black paving slabs used to be the more common stone choice for patios, trends have changed. Many people will now favour natural stone when choosing their patio surface. While aesthetically appealing, this also means they are opting for a more porous and therefore black spot prone stone. The attractive appearance of natural stone makes it a preferred material for homeowners looking to invest in a patio or stone surface. Sandstone is one of the most common patio material choices currently. This is where black spot removal becomes a problem due to the porous texture of this stone. Sandstone looks beautiful when it is laid, making a seemingly perfect patio surface. But in reality, it is inviting a black spot and lichen issue from the start considering the UK weather.

The Best Way To Remove Black Spot From Stone

At Patio Perfect we have in-depth knowledge and experience with black spot and lichen removal. This is a common issue that has been around for some time and our black spot removal products are the answer! The most effective way to remove black spot from your stone surfaces is to apply our patio black spot remover. You can perform this treatment easily, quickly and cost-effectively. Our specially formulated product has clear application instructions to make it a hassle-free task. You will be able to remove the most stubborn black spot from any type of stone surface. Depending on how severe the case of black spot is, you can amend the concentration of the product to suit. You will usually be able to successfully remove all black spot in just one easy application. Occasionally, a farther application of our black spot remover may be required. The results of using our patio black spot cleaner on your stone can be outstanding. If you have a patio that is beginning to look old, worn or dirty, this could be the answer. One application can completely transform your stone surface, making it look as good as new.

The Importance Of Keeping Black Spot And Lichen Away

Property owners are wising up to the fact that black spot can hinder the appearance of stone surfaces and features. It is important to protect your investment and look after your stone. This means ensuring the black spot remover is applied correctly to rid the surfaces of the unsightly infestation. The difference in the appearance of fresh, clean stone can be amazing. Black spot and lichen-free stone surfaces will attract more potential buyers and investors than tired looking surfaces. The process of removing the black spot can appear challenging but it doesn’t have to be. It is definitely a process that requires a little effort, but with the right product, it can be done successfully. For targeted removal of black spot and lichen from stone, look no further than Patio Perfect’s black spot remover.

Patio Perfect’s Black Spot Remover

Our effective black spot treatment is easy to use and will come with application instructions. It does not contain harmful ingredients so will not damage the stone surface you are treating or any surrounding areas. Remove any loose debris in the area that requires treatment and apply the black spot remover to the stone. Work the solution into the stone using a broom or a similar tool, then leave it to work its magic! After two-three hours the product should be washed away, and your stone surface will be gleaming like new. Black spot will usually appear on porous stone but occasionally will form on other stone surfaces. Our versatile products will tackle the issue on all stone types.

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