Cleaning Block Paving

Block paving is an attractive feature to any outside area, but it does come with potential issues. Many things such as algae, lichen, green growth and weeds can ruin the appearance of block paving and brick work. It can be a relentless task to keep on top of maintaining the look of your block paving areas. Dirt of all kinds can develop at an alarming rate and combatting this can be a never-ending job. Perhaps you have tried pressure washing the area to no avail? Patio Perfect offer a professional block paving cleaner. This product is formulated specially to tackle tough and stubborn dirt and grime. Our block paving cleaner is a highly effective way of removing algae, lichen, and dirt from your block paving and brick work. This fast-performing, cost-effective product will clean your block paving and leave it looking fresh and grime-free. Our brick paving cleaner will get your paving back to its original clean state within hours of treatment.

What Is Block Paving Used For?

Block paving has become an increasingly popular choice over the last few decades. Many property owners opt for this material when having new driveways built. It is also commonly used when creating patios and car parks. Various other residential, as well as commercial areas, use block and brick paving due to its high durability and easy installation. It can be a decorative feature for a property, but it is not without its downsides. The nature of the weather in the UK means it is exposed to damp all year round. As most block and brick paving is porous, this adds to a build-up of algae, dirt, green growth and grime.

Driveways are one of the main uses for block paving, and they are a key focal point when approaching a property. If a driveway becomes covered in algae, dirt, and weeds, it can bring a negative look and feel to a building. The pavers of a driveway are on a sand bed and the joints are the perfect place for weeds to thrive. You will find a wealth of companies that will clean your driveway areas professionally. This is an unnecessary and costly option. Our top paving cleaner offers the perfect and effective solution for dirty block and brick paving areas.

The Importance Of Correctly Maintaining Your Block Paving

Pressure washing and jet washing have been the go-to treatment for block paving and brick work for many years now. However, it has become obvious that over time this can damage the paving surface. Paving and brick work can start to erode with repeated pressure washing, hindering the appearance greatly. As a property owner, you would understandably wish to protect your investment by looking after your block paving. Constant hard washing will not only wear the surface down but will also fade its colour. General dirt and weeds can embed into the paving easily once it is worn down, causing more problems. Manufacturers of paving will now advise against pressure washing due to the varying damage it can cause.

Patio Perfect has the ideal solution to safely and effectively clean your block paving. Our powerful paving cleaner is a versatile product that will successfully rid most paved surfaces of a multitude of dirt. This doesn’t need to be a lengthy, gruelling task. Once our block paving cleaner has been applied it will not only clean the surface but also protect it. The solution is made up of four active ingredients. These clean and protect brick work and paving, leaving it in a fresh and attractive state after treatment.

Using Patio Perfect’s Block Paving Cleaner

Patio Perfect’s block paving cleaner is best applied using a sprayer for good coverage. You have the option of either using the formula neat or diluting it, depending on the severity of the dirt. As a general rule though, you will only need a 1-1 dilution ratio for maximum results. A weaker dilution would suffice on easier areas. Our formula is acid-free so will not damage the treatment area or anything that surrounds it. You will usually only need to leave the cleaner on the surface for a few hours to achieve great results. It is recommended that you wear gloves and to rinse down the areas surrounding the paving before and after application. Clear instructions are on the product label. The dirt and grime should melt away quickly and leave your block paving area in a renewed condition. In some cases, it may be beneficial to use a pressure washer to clean the area of debris after treatment. This should be done on a soft setting. If used correctly, the block paving cleaner need only be applied every 6-12 months. So, with just a few hours a year invested, you can retain the value of an aesthetically pleasing block paving area. To keep your block paving clean, it is best to apply our protective block paving sealer after cleaning.

Block Paving Sealer For The Perfect Finish

Patio Perfect offer a very effective block paving sealer. This product is ideal if you want to fully restore your block or brick paving. Using our top sealer will ensure you prevent the loss of colour from your paving. This formula forms a watertight protective surface on the pavers. This will keep the pavers free from algae and lichen, making it easier to maintain. The UV resistant sealer will also protect the paving surface from sun exposure. At Patio Perfect we have a vast range of cleaning solutions available. This means that all paved areas can be kept fresh, clean, and attractive, easily and cost-effectively. Looking after your paving will save time and money. You are less likely to need to repair or replace well-maintained paving or brick work. Applying our high-quality block paving sealer will leave your paving with that perfect finish as well as added protection against the elements.
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