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Brick Cleaner For Your Brick Work And Patios

Patio Perfect offer a range of High-performing brick cleaner products, giving fantastic results without breaking the bank. Cleaning brick surfaces such as walls and patios is not always easy. It is essential you use the correct formula for the job. Our brick acid cleaner will combat the issue of salts and efflorescence on your brick work. Cement and mortar residue can be an eye-sore, and it is not something you can simply wipe away manually. This also applies to plant growth, such as algae and green growth. Brick surfaces are a prime location for these things to thrive, causing your surface to appear dirty, tired and slippery. Our fantastic essential brick cleaner range gives you the power to remove such inconveniences quickly and easily.

Brick Surfaces

Brick is used in construction for a large variety of surfaces all across the world. For centuries we have used brick on all manner of buildings, garden features, homes, walls, extensions and more. Bricks are versatile and are therefore a popular choice for many different constructions. Brick work can be beautiful and bring a touch of class to any feature when well-maintained. Like any external surfaces, brick requires routine cleaning to stay in its best condition and remain aesthetically pleasing. Using a top-quality cleaner from our range will enable you to keep your brick clean and fresh all year round.

Types Of Brick

Bricks are all around us and used for the construction of many different things. The use of brick is predominantly for eternal buildings and features, but you may also have interior brick work. Internal features such as fireplaces, partition walls and basements are increasingly popular in homes and commercial properties. These can be made from a variety of different brick types. Some commonly used brick types include:

  • Facing bricks
  • Engineering bricks
  • Sand lime bricks
  • Concrete bricks
  • Burnt clay bricks

The most widely used brick in the UK is facing brick. This is usually used for outside wall construction as they are attractive bricks that give a great look. Engineering bricks are less absorbent and generally a stronger brick. Each type of brick will have its own unique qualities and uses. The choice of brick used will largely depend on the nature of the construction. Cost and personal preference will also have weight to the decision when opting for a brick type. Some bricks will be more costly than others. If you are using rather expensive brick, you will want to feel assured you can protect and maintain them correctly. This is where Patio Perfect’s essential brick cleaner range comes in. Our brick paving cleaner removes dirt and unwanted growth and restores your surfaces.

How To Remove Efflorescence

Every type of brick will gather dirt and grime through the seasons, that is unavoidable. Using a brick paving cleaner every so often can help stop muck and dirt building up. A good quality brick cleaner such as ours will sufficiently remove this type of dirt from your brick surface. However, other issues could affect your brick work that are not so easy to remove. A common problem with brick surfaces is the presence of efflorescence. This is when salt comes to the surface of a porous material and accumulates to form a coating. This makes for an unattractive look on brick work and often crops up unexpectedly. While efflorescence is not actually harmful, it can lead to moisture issues if left untreated. This, in turn, could cause structural damage. Tackling this problem is a quick and easy task using Patio Perfect’s specially formulated brick acid cleaner. This will often be sold as efflorescence cleaner due to its ability to quickly and effectively remove the growth from brick. Efflorescence can come back after some time, so repeating application of our brick acid cleaner occasionally is advised. Our essential brick cleaner can also be used to treat cement and mortar residues as well as limescale and calcium deposits.

Patio Perfect’s Brick Acid Cleaner

Our brick acid cleaner formula effortlessly rids all outdoor brick surfaces of efflorescence and all mortar and cement residues. It can be used on buildings, walls, foundations, paving, and any other stone that is acid-resistant. This powerful and quick-working solution will dissolve any unwanted residue that has accumulated on your brick surface. This means the formula is dangerous on the skin, so protective clothing should be worn at all times during application. This high performing product will work on interior and exterior brick surfaces, removing any embedded dirt and deposits.

How To Use The Product:

  • Wear protective clothing, gloves and eyewear.
  • Clear the treatment area from loose debris.
  • Use neat or dilute up to 1:5 with water, depending on the extent of dirt.
  • Apply to a damp surface.
  • Do not use on surfaces that are sensitive to acid. These include zinc, chrome, enamel, polished limestone and marble and stainless steel.
  • If using indoors, make sure the room is well ventilated while you apply and for some time after.
  • If you find the issue remains after one application, you may wish to re-treat with a less diluted application. You will find full instructions for application methods on the packaging of the product.

Green Growth And Algae Removers

If your brick surface is suffering from a green growth or algae infestation, you may wish to look at other products. Patio Perfect have a range of specially formulated, high-performing solutions that will tackle this. An alkaline or biocide brick cleaner would be sufficient to combat organic growth. Our algae remover products work fast and effectively on brickwork as well as a multitude of other hard surfaces. These surfaces are all prone to accumulating grime, dirt, green growth and algae which are rather unsightly. If green growth is the primary culprit, our green growth remover will work wonders and if easy to use. Green Growth and algae will be removed from the surface in a straightforward application. See our cleaning products page for the wide selection of brick and paving cleaning products Patio Perfect have to offer.

Brick Cleaner Products

£34.95£89.95 inc. VAT
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page


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