Knowing Which Concrete Cleaner To Use

Do you have a concrete patio, driveway, floor or pathway? Concrete surfaces such as these can enhance the exterior of a property. When well -maintained, concrete features are aesthetically pleasing. However, dirt, green growth, stains, algae and grime can quickly build up on concrete, decreasing its appeal and making it appear worn. A high performing concrete cleaner is needed to rid your driveway or patio of these unsightly gatherings. Our fast-working concrete slab cleaner will enable you to enhance the appearance of these surfaces by removing all dirt and grime. Our carefully formulated products are designed to restore a clean and fresh look to paths, driveways and patios. You can use our essential concrete cleaner in most environments, from home gardens and courtyards to industrial settings. For more aggressive infestations, we have a top-quality concrete cleaner acid that dissolves dirt and growths quickly and effectively.

Green Growth, Algae And Lichen On Concrete

It’s very common for algae, green growth and lichen to develop on exterior surfaces, making it somewhat unsightly. This also applies to pathways, patios and driveway. If these surfaces are not well-maintained, they could become overrun with these unpleasant plants and growths. A maintenance routine for your concrete surfaces is advised to ensure it is kept looking its best. Applying a concrete slab cleaner once or twice a year will protect your concrete. The bacteria and fungi that come with untreated concrete surface contaminations can pose a health hazard. Things like green growth and algae can not only spread to other areas but also be very slippery under-foot. Our essential concrete cleaner will help you to eliminate these hazards, leaving your concrete safe, clean and fresh. A slippery driveway or patio that has a covering of algae will reduce the appeal of your property considerably. Patio Perfect’s concrete cleaner is the perfect solution to this. Another potential hazard of slippery infestations such as algae and green growth is the reduction of traction on your driveway. This could make it difficult to control your vehicle when parking or pulling away. Our professionally formulated concrete cleaner range offer complete eradication of algae, lichen, green growth, bacteria, and fungi. This will leave the outside of your property in a much safer condition for your family, employees, or visitors.

Get Your Concrete Looking Its Best

Your property, whether it be residential or business, can have its visual appeal significantly reduced by the presence of dirt. This applies to all areas, including parking areas, paved areas, patios and paths. Stains, grime, black spot, green growth, algae and mould are unattractive contaminations of your property exterior. This dirt should never be left untreated, and with our high-performing concrete cleaner, you can act fast to restore your concrete. A poorly maintained building exterior can reduce the value and interest in a property. With this in mind, a professional and efficient concrete cleaner is a valuable product. If you are a business owner, a well-maintained outside area could make all the difference. First appearances go a long way, and it will be easier to attract customers with a clean and well-presented building exterior. Using a high-quality concrete cleaner will ensure your concrete is appealing and welcoming to existing and new customers all year round.

Our concrete slab cleaner produces astounding results on concrete surfaces of all sizes and industries. You can achieve a fantastic clean on large parking areas as well as singular driveways. Industrial work areas with stubborn stains can be brought back to life with our products. All solutions are designed to thoroughly clean concrete areas and leave them impressively sparkling. If you have more severe marks or concrete stains, you may find our essential concrete cleaner acid more suited.

Protection For Your Concrete Driveways, Paths And Patios

It should be a straightforward, quick and low budget task when cleaning the outside surfaces of your property. This shouldn’t be a difficult or complicated job, but some surfaces and stains pose more issues than others. Keeping your paving areas clean means choosing the best products for the job. Concrete acid cleaner can suit more heavy-duty cleaning tasks. However, this type of concrete cleaner could damage certain surfaces due to it being highly corrosive. Our acid-free concrete cleaner will keep your concrete driveways, patios and path surfaces protected without causing damage to the stone.

Our powerful solutions are made using an alkaline-based formula. This delivers impressive results with every clean and is not at all harmful. Our concrete slab cleaner removes stubborn stains, dirt, green growth and algae within a few hours of treatment.

Patio Perfect know the importance of maintaining the concrete areas you have spent time and money on. Our products help you to take care of these surfaces, keeping them attractive, clean and safe. Eradicating health risks and eyesores is an excellent way of protecting your investment and retain the value of your property. This is why we have made choosing the ideal cleaner for you easy and cost-effective. Our range of patio, driveway and stone cleaners are all professional and high performing products. You can choose the right cleaner for your property and apply with ease.

Patio, Driveway and Pathway Maintenance Made Easy

Patio Perfect’s cleaners will not need frequent applications, unlike other products on the market. Once you have brought your concrete surfaces back to an excellent condition using our specialist solutions, the work is done. All that is needed is a clean with our concrete cleaner from time to time to keep that fresh, clean look. Results from our cleaning range can last for up to a year. Keeping your external surfaces clean to an exceptional standard has never been easier. You will have concrete surfaces to be proud of through all the seasons. All products come with application instructions.

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If you are finding it a little tricky to determine your surface type or requirements, contact us! We are at hand to help you find the ideal product to suit your surfaces. Our highly experienced team will answer any question you may have and offer professional advice.

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