Patio Perfect’s Essential De-Icers – De-icing Driveways, Paths And Patios

Patio Perfect know how cruel the winter months can be to the exterior of a property. De-icers really are a must have during this time. Ice, frost, snow, wind, and rain, all cause slippery and icy coatings on your external surfaces. We have the ideal solution with our highly effective de-icers. Our eco-friendly alternative to rock salt de-icer works fast and is more effective than the traditional salting methods used for many years. De-icing rock salt can have a corrosive effect and could end up causing surface damage. This means that an increasing amount of property and business owners are opting for eco-friendly de-icers such as ours.

When Are De-Icers Required?

Colder months are when de-icers are most used. De-icing rock salt can be corrosive but the general public are not generally aware that there are other options. Furthermore, the UK weather can be unpredictable though, and it has been known for frost and ice to form in early spring! Primarily though, November – February are the icy months when de-icers will be required the most. Walking onto your driveway or patio in the winter can be extremely dangerous if it is covered in a sheeting of ice. Garden pathways that are not always well-lit can be hazardous if ice has formed. Slippery surfaces are a danger zone and ice and snow, although pretty, cause many slips and falls every winter. Our de-icer is a high-performing product that will rid your outside of ice and snow quickly.

Snow and ice can cause issues when moving your car onto the road, making it difficult and slippery to exit your driveway. This causes danger to yourself as well as other drivers and pedestrians. Our Essential de-icers can be used on your driveway, patio and pathways. This will ensure any snow and ice build-up is dealt with swiftly. Heavy snowfall can leave you with doors that are hard to open, making leaving or entering your property difficult. Rock salt de-icer can cause damage to surfaces and cars, whereas our de-icer products are non-corrosive and safe.

Why Use Patio Perfect’s Essential De-icers?

Our de-icer solutions are specially formulated to ensure they are quick working as well as highly efficient. These environmentally safe products will give amazing results and are hassle-free as well as budget-friendly. Our de-icer is safe to use in your home, on patios, walkways, car parks and driveways. It is not harmful to touch after application as it does not contain harsh or toxic ingredients. This means it will not damage your surfaces, stone or lawn. Our products contain no rock salt and are therefore less harmful than other de-icing rock salt alternatives.

Patio Perfect’s de-icers comes in the form of small granules. This means it starts work straight away without leaving large bits of salt on the surface. This top-quality de-icer can last for as long as 48 hours and can be applied again at any point. Our de-icer is so effective that 1kg of our product achieves the same results that 5kg of de-icing rock salt would. It’s a much cheaper and cleaner product, and the obvious choice when looking to rid surfaces of ice and snow. Once our alternative to rock salt de-icer has been applied, it immediately cuts through snow and ice making a fantastic, safe and fast solution. This is a product that is widely used across the UK for both small and large areas. Airports, railways, car parks and large business grounds all use this trusted de-icing method.

Using Our De-icers

Our eco-friendly, salt-free alternative to rock salt de-icer is a fantastic alternative to ice melt salts. It performs just as effectively in the rain as it will in dry weather.

Here are some steps to follow when using our de-icers. This will demonstrate just how quick and easy it is to clear snow and ice from surfaces:

  • If you are dealing with snow, be sure to remove as much as you can with a spade. Pile it in a safe place that is out of the way. The de-icer will work better with less snow on the ground. To achieve maximum results, it is best to keep the snow level to no more than one or two inches.
  • Open our de-icer product and cover the surface with the product. Use one cup initially and apply more if required. The de-icer should instantly start to work through the snow and ice and reveal your surface.
  • Avoid covering any surfaces that do not need treatment with the de-icer. Also, avoid contact with pets or children.
  • Loosen and remove any remaining snow.
  • You can leave our de-icers on the surface for a few days. This will enhance traction and continue tackling ice that forms and snow that falls.

These easy tips demonstrate how simple it is to use our de-icers effectively. Our specially designed products are safe and will not cause harm if you come into contact with them. However, it is best to be cautious around pets and small children when using de-icers.

De-icer Tips

If you are new to de-icers, then there are a few pointers to look at when using them. These are some tips on how to achieve outstanding results each time and how to make the product last:

Only use what you need – Patio Perfect’s de-icers work amazingly at cutting through ice and snow, so a small amount goes a long way. A simple handful sprinkled on a driveway can start clearing it instantly. Apply a small amount to start, and more if needed.

Use it in the morning – Make de-icing the first job of the day. The quicker you apply the de-icer, the quicker the snow and ice will melt away.

Remove excess snow – If there is a substantial amount of snow, remove as much as possible before de-icing. The more snow left on the surface, the harder the de-icers will have to work. This could slow down results.

Check after a short while – Once you have applied the de-icer, check to see how effective it has been within a few minutes. If not much progress has been made, this could be due to the snow or ice being very thick. You may need to either apply more de-icer or remove more snow.

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