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Patio Perfect’s Essential Deck Cleaner

Patio Perfect understand the importance of keeping your decking area clean. Not only does a dirty decking surface look unappealing, but it also poses safety hazards when covered in slippery substances. Algae and lichen are wet and slippery as well as fast-growing. These can leave your decking area unattractive and unsafe. Dull and dirt-covered decking surfaces can be restored with our highly effective deck cleaner. This is the budget-friendly and easy way to keep your decking from looking tired and being a slip hazard. It could not be easier to bring your decking back to life with our wooden deck cleaner and works just as well as a composite deck cleaner. Simply apply the formula and work it in using a broom. Leave it to work its magic for two hours and rinse it away. Your decking will be left grime free and shining like new.


Decking is an increasingly popular garden feature choice in the UK. Homeowners are choosing to add a decking area to their property, boosting its appeal and value. Similarly, many larger venues such as restaurants and pubs decide to invest in decking areas. You only have to watch TV to see garden makeover and house buying shows opting for decking as a feature. Decking is popular for good reason; it is aesthetically pleasing and offers a place to relax and unwind. Many property owners see decking as an easily maintained addition to their garden. There will inevitably be less lawn and plants to tend to. While this may be true, decking rapidly builds up dirt, muck and algae. If not kept on top of, this can cause issues. To ensure your decking is kept in its prime condition, a decent deck cleaner, such as ours, is essential. Whether you have wooden decking or composite decking, we have the perfect cleaning solution for you. Our fast working essential deck cleaner is an extremely effective formula that is easy to use on both composite and wooden decking areas.

Composite Deck Cleaner

Depending on the type of decking you have, you may be seeking a composite deck cleaner or a wooden deck cleaner. If you have composite decking, you will require a cleaner that cleans the surface thoroughly and kills off any green growth or algae. Composite decking is becoming a more popular option as it lasts longer than wooden decking. It has a lifespan of up to 30 years, whereas wooden decking lasts up to 15 years. Composite decking is more expensive but low maintenance. This is due to it being weather and rot resistant. This does not mean it doesn’t need routine cleaning as it still gets dirty and slippery if neglected. Patio Perfect’s composite deck cleaner is fast working and removes stubborn stain and dirt easily. It also removes black spot, lichen and algae, leaving your decking safe underfoot and slip-free. Our composite deck cleaner works equally well as a wood deck cleaner. It brings both decking types back to a fresh, clean condition. Old, dirty decking surfaces that look like tired can be restored to a new appearance in just hours.

Patio Perfect understand the importance of a well-maintained decking. It is a good investment that you will naturally want to take care of and protect. It is recommended that deck cleaning is carried out once or twice a year. Our essential deck cleaner is the perfect solution and will take very little time to achieve maximum results. To treat algae and lichen, it is advised to use our algae cleaner product. This will eliminate any algae growth as well as prevent it from returning to the surface. Less algae, fewer accidents!

Wooden Deck Cleaner

Wooden decking is still a popular choice. This is mostly because it is not as costly as composite decking. Wood decking can be made from a variety of softwood including spruce and pine, which is cheaper than hardwood. The downside to this is that softwood is a lot more prone to damage, rot, and wear. This is due to softwood naturally being more absorbent. This has led to an increase in interest of the more expensive but easily maintained option of composite decking. Composite decking is made of plastic and wood, with the plastic more often than not being recycled. This makes it an environmentally friendly option which is another advantage it has over wooden decking.

Our wooden deck cleaner will remove any dirt that is making your wood decking appear dull. The specially created formula will also kill off and deter any algae, lichen and blackspot. Both residential and commercial property owners will know the importance of maintaining wooden decking. A fantastic outside feature that can become quite unsightly if it is neglected. Using our wooden deck cleaner, ideally twice yearly considering the UK weather, will keep decking looking healthy all year round. It can be easy as a homeowner to forget about the garden areas during those cold and dreary months. It doesn’t seem as important to maintain the look of your wooden decking when it is rarely used. However, green algae can be very problematic and will thrive in the damper months. This can cause health and safety issues and is best tackled as soon as it appears. Our deck cleaners will eliminate this infestation quickly and easily. Once your wooden decking has been treated with the deck cleaner, a decking oil can be applied. This will improve the appearance of the wood and give added protection.

Using Our Specially Formulated Deck Cleaner

Our alkaline based deck cleaner will not damage the surface of your decking or its surroundings. It comes with full instructions and is quick and easy to apply.

To Apply:

  • Remove loose debris from the area
  • Wear protective gloves and clothing
  • Use either neat or diluted with water 1:1 and put the liquid carefully into a sprayer
  • Generously cover the decking area
  • Leave at least two hours – ensuring the surfaces stays moist
  • Wash the solution off thoroughly after rinsing
  • Further applications may be needed if the area has embedded dirt and stubborn stains.

Deck Cleaner Products

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