Patio Perfect’s Essential Granite Cleaner

Patio Perfect understand that granite is an attractive yet expensive investment. So, it makes sense to want the best granite cleaner method to maintain and protect your granite. Stains and hard to remove marks on your granite surface can be a difficult thing to tackle. Using our specially formulated granite cleaner will help you restore your granite and rid it of those stubborn stains. Our granite cleaning products were made specifically with granite and natural stone surfaces in mind.

Granite is a very popular choice for homes, mainly due to its durable and long-lasting qualities. It’s beautiful, shiny appearance makes for a very attractive addition to any property. Many kitchens and bathrooms boast the stunning shine that only granite and natural stone can provide. Keeping your granite gleaming will require a suitable granite cleaner method using a high-quality product. Despite its hard-wearing characteristics, you can not use just any cleaner on your granite. A lot of commonly used cleaners can damage granite surfaces, which is why it is crucial to use the best granite cleaner. And that is where Patio Perfect step in. We pride ourselves in offering highly effective and budget-friendly natural stone cleaners. Our extensive knowledge of how natural stone reacts to chemicals has enabled us to make our top-performing cleaners. We have the best granite cleaner method for you.

Cleaning Granite Worktops

Our specially formulated Essential granite cleaner is made specifically for high-quality natural stone surfaces. We also have a highly effective worktop rejuvenator that is ideal for cleaning granite and marble worktops. Some cleaners could damage your granite surface. Our granite cleaning solutions will not mark or cause any fading to your stone surface. It will simply leave it clean and sparkling like new. Although it is understandably tempting to use regular cleaning products on your granite worktop, it could be an expensive error. Products containing bleach will dull the surface of the granite and retaining that gleaming look will be near impossible. Acidic cleaners containing vinegar or lemon could also damage your granite. Therefore, it is crucial to invest in a dedicated granite cleaner for your worktops or flooring.

To use our granite cleaner method, you must first rid the area of any dirt and debris. Use a soft cloth to polish the granite with our formula. You will see outstanding results immediately. Our worktop rejuvenator works as an effective granite cleaner. It keeps your granite in a beautiful condition and will protect it by coating the surface with an invisible protective barrier. Our Essential granite cleaner contains a mixture of cleaning agents and soluble solvents. This makes it perfect for dissolving embedded dirt, grease and wax and a wealth of stubborn stains.

Day-to-day Cleaning Of Granite Surfaces

You will obviously want to include your granite work top or floor in your everyday cleaning routine. As granite is predominately used in bathrooms and kitchens, you will understandably want to maintain a good level of hygiene. You can kill harmful bacteria and keep your surfaces fresh and clean by wiping them down with our granite cleaner. This will also protect against staining and help to maintain that granite sparkle. A multitude of potential germ carriers are placed on kitchen surfaces every day. Shopping bags, food, plants, school bags, money. Our granite cleaner will kill bacteria transferred to your surface. Everyday cleaning products may seem fine, but they can have a harmful impact on granite surfaces. They should, therefore, be avoided on all types of granite and natural stone surfaces. A lot of these cleaning supplies will contain harsh or acidic chemicals. Our best granite cleaner will leave your granite with a distinct glisten. Our product is fast-acting and can be used in just seconds. This means that you can have sparkling indoor granite surfaces in no time and with little effort. You will not need to rinse the solution off the surface, simply wipe dry after two minutes and enjoy the results. You will not find a granite cleaner that is more effective or easier to use.

External Granite Surface Cleaning

While granite is a popular option for bathrooms and kitchens; it is also used for outdoor features. Garden features such as courtyards or patios may have granite flooring. Residential and commercial properties invest in this highly attractive feature to enhance the look and value of their outside areas. Outdoor kitchens, BBQs and fire pits are on-trend features for modern restaurants too. Outdoor granite surfaces will require a strong granite cleaner. Our granite cleaner is strong enough to achieve maximum results, yet gentle enough to protect the stone. It can be used on both indoor and outdoor granite flooring and surfaces and is an extremely versatile product. As well as cleaning and protecting granite surfaces, our Essential granite cleaner also cleans other natural stone types.

These include:

  • Slate
  • Sandstone
  • Polished marble
  • Ceramic
  • Limestone

This adaptable feature of our product is particularly convenient if you have a variety of different stone surfaces at your premises. All you will need is this one natural stone cleaner to deliver clean, shining surfaces. Not only does Patio Perfect’s top granite cleaner eliminate day-to-day grime and dirt, it also removes grease and tough stains. Ingrained dirt and wax are no match for our high-performing product. It really is ideal as a fast-working cleaner that tackles tough yet delicate jobs. We work hard at Patio Perfect to produce premium products that are easy to use and cost-effective.

Contact Patio Perfect

If you want some advice regarding the right products for your natural stone surface, contact us. We have a friendly and highly knowledgeable team of experts at the ready to help you find the right solution. We know the unique characteristics of different stone surfaces. This means we can advise on how best to maintain your surface and get the most from it. Our top-quality range of products are specially created to be tough on stains but gentle on the surface and environment. We prioritise customer satisfaction and strive to provide only the highest performing cleaning products to suit all requirements.

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