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Patio Perfect’s Essential Green Away For Roof tiles, Tarmac, Patios And Brick Work

Patio Perfect’s Essential Green Away is a professional cleaner, specially designed to remove outdoor green growth and organic growth from hard surfaces. Our green growth remover for tarmac, brick, paving, patios, roofs and pathways is a high-performing, acid-free cleaning solution. It is the best way to ensure green growth and organic growth are eliminated from your outdoor surfaces. As a green growth remover for roof tiles, it can kill green growth and help prevent regrowth. It will not only kill the green growth, but it will also help to protect your hard surface from further contamination. Using our green growth remover as part of your outdoor cleaning routine will keep your surfaces looking fantastic and green growth-free. This carefully crafted cleaning formula is a fast working and very effective way of tackling the issue of green growth.

Where And How Does Green Growth Form?

Green Growth grows in thick mats or clumps and thrives in damp, moist areas. The UK weather provides perfect conditions for green growth to grow. When a porous outdoor surface becomes wet, it will be vulnerable to green growth. Green Growth spores rapidly spread, meaning that if the infestation is left untreated, your surface will accumulate green growth quickly. Roof tiles are commonplace for green growth to grow, so using a green growth remover for roof tiles makes sense. This can cause damage if not treated. Patios, tarmac, driveways, paths and any brick surface are all prime targets for green growth. As green growth can have a slippery consistency, it is a potential slip hazard. Our Essential Green Away is a versatile cleaner, perfect for use on a multitude of outdoor hard surfaces. To ensure your driveway is safe underfoot, treat with green growth remover for tarmac and watch the plant fall away.

Apply To Dry Surfaces

It is crucial to apply our green growth remover to a dry surface to ensure maximum results. Make sure the area is as dry as it will enable the formula to absorb into the material thoroughly. This will give the full benefits of the green growth remover and achieve fast, effective results. Green Growth will shrink in size when it is dry. This makes it easier for the green growth remover for roof tiles to sink into the root of the plant, producing the best results. If you apply the product onto a wet surface, it will not have a chance to absorb. The green growth will also be large and full of moisture, reducing the results dramatically. Avoid using green growth remover for roofs if there is a chance of rain in the following few hours. Older roof tiles will be most at risk of deep green growth infestations. This is because the elements wear away the protective layer of the tiles. You may need more than one application of green growth remover if this is the case.

Removing Green Growth From Roofs

When using a green growth remover for roofs or roof cleaning, you should first assess how much green growth is there. If the tiles are carpeted in green growth, you will require a dilution of 3:1. Make sure all green growth is totally covered in the solution so that it absorbs fully down to the roots. The best way to achieve sufficient coverage is to use a pump sprayer. The green growth will begin to discolour and fall away over the following few days. To avoid dead green growth falling into gutters and causing drain blockages, cap off your guttering temporarily after application. Once the infestation is eradicated, annual treatment can be performed at a more diluted rate of 1:10. Annual treatment is a rough guideline and will of course vary depending on the property. If you spot early stages of green growth or algae, then it is time for another application of green growth remover. To protect your tiles going forward, our essential concrete sealer is a fantastic way to prevent green growth and algae growth.

Using Green Growth Remover On Patios, Walls And Driveways

When treating external surfaces such as patios, walls and driveways, it is easier to keep on top of. You see these surfaces daily so a cleaning routine is easier to establish, and green growth will not go unnoticed. A dilution rate of 1:5 is usually adequate for these types of hard surfaces. Always ensure the surface is dry before application. The stronger the presence of green growth, the stronger you will want the green growth remover to be. Older surfaces will have more exposure to the elements due to the protective layer wearing away. These may require stronger treatment.

Green Growth remover for tarmac

When looking to refurbish a tarmac surface, using green growth remover a few days before doing so is recommended. This will dislodge the green growth, meaning a pressure washer will be more effective at removing it. If the plant remains rooted, it will be much harder to tackle, and the tarmac could suffer damage. To apply the green growth remover, you will need either a watering can or pump sprayer. The product will not harm plants or vegetation, but it is best to rinse surrounding areas if it gets sprayed. Ensure any loose debris is removed before application and again once the green growth has come away. To protect and restore the colour and appearance of your tarmac, a tarmac sealer is recommended. Patio Perfect offer a professional essential black tarmac sealer which is perfect for the job.

Acid-free Product

Our Essential Green Away is made without the use of any acid-based ingredients. This makes it an environmentally friendly formula that is safe for use on outdoor surfaces. It will not stain or hinder your exterior surfaces in any way as all ingredients are carefully selected. This product can be applied any month of the year. Just be sure not to apply when the green growth or surface is wet. Also, do not use when the temperature is exceptionally high. In high temperatures and direct sunlight, the formula will absorb too quickly without reaching the roots of the green growth.

For long-term protection from green growth contamination on your surfaces, Patio Perfect’s range of essential sealing products is the ideal solution. Sealing will form a new protective coating, making the hard surface less porous. This will mean the area is not prone to green growth and algae growth due to the lack of moisture.

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