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Limestone flooring, tiles and bathrooms are a remarkable asset for any building. Limestone is a beautiful feature, so it makes sense to want to ensure you are maintaining it correctly. Black limestone cleaner is essential for the best possible maintenance of limestone surfaces. Patio Perfect’s essential limestone cleaner is an incredibly versatile product that can also be used on various other surfaces. If your home or business has limestone surfaces, you will know how it enhances any room when clean and fresh. Perhaps you have a limestone patio? Even the dirtiest of limestone patio surfaces can be restored to its original look with an effective limestone floor cleaner. This will completely change the look of your garden and boost its appeal. Limestone is a popular choice for many home and business owners. This is not purely down to it being aesthetically pleasing. Limestone, when looked after, will have a long life. The thing to be mindful of is that limestone is a soft material. This makes it slightly more vulnerable to marks and scratches than harder stone surfaces. It is possible to rejuvenate and restore damaged limestone with the right specialised products.

Patio Perfect’s Essential Limestone Cleaner Range

With our essential limestone cleaner range, there is no vigorous scrubbing required. Our limestone floor cleaning will keep your flooring glistening like new. It is an easy to use and highly effective cleaning solution that will clean, freshen and look after your limestone. Our black limestone cleaner will leave you with shining paved surfaces that are as attractive as the day they were laid. All of our limestone cleaner products are specially formulated for maximum results. Each product will have a specific target area. The limestone cleaner that will best suit you will depend on your surface and the level of dirt or damage. To help you determine what you need, here are the limestone cleaning solutions that Patio Perfect have to offer:

Essential Hard Surface Neutral Cleaner – A fast working limestone floor cleaner that is perfectly suited to cleaning kitchen and bathroom surfaces. This product is a fantastic day-to-day multi-surface cleaner to be used on indoor areas.

Essential Stone Floor Rejuvenator – A top quality cleaner tailored for all indoor pre-sealed stone floor surfaces. This is a specialist cleaner suited to natural stone flooring. It gives a thorough clean while also applying a top-up liquid wax seal.

Essential Natural Stone Cleaner – A high-performing black limestone cleaner that produces outstanding results on external limestone areas, as well as other natural stone surfaces. It tackles not only layers of grime and dirt, but also algae and lichen infestations. This cleaner will leave your surface clean and slip-free.

Essential Patio Cleaner – This limestone cleaner is ideal for any external stone surface, including patios, paths, paving and natural stone. It combats all dirt as well as algae, lichen and blackspot. This cleaner is suitable for use in the harsher months. It will need to be left to work for a minimum of two hours.

Essential Ultra Cleaner Pro – A very effective heavy-duty limestone floor cleaner. This is best suited for indoor or outdoor surfaces that are extremely dirty or have very stubborn markings. Examples of other surfaces this product is highly effective on include porcelain, ceramic and polished marble.

How To Clean Your Limestone

Once you have selected the appropriate limestone cleaner, you will need to have the correct cleaning tools to hand. These are likely to be items you already have access to. You will need a mop, sponge and a vacuum cleaner before you begin cleaning your limestone. Apply a soft brush attachment to your vacuum cleaner and hoover up any debris from the area. Once you have done this, ensure any surfaces that do not require cleaning are covered. It is always advised that you perform a small test with your limestone cleaner before cleaning. Try it on a tiny area to ensure there is no adverse reaction. If you are performing the cleaning outdoors, make sure surrounding plants and vegetation are rinsed thoroughly after treatment. Always apply the cleaner to the surface when it is completely dry.

Your essential limestone cleaning product will include instructions on how to apply the specific solution. Before you begin cleaning, make sure you are wearing eye protection, protective clothing, gloves and a mask. Be sure to follow the instruction supplied with the cleaner carefully. This will not only maximise your results but also minimise any risks. Do not rush the application of the limestone cleaner. Correctly apply the formula to enable it to remove and dirt and staining thoroughly. If you are using our limestone floor cleaner, you will need your mop. Always leave the application on for the time stated on the product. The time will vary depending on the cleaner you are using and the area you are treating. Occasionally, there will be extremely stubborn markings and dirt that may all for a further application. Always make sure that any cleaning product is kept out of reach from children and pets.

Protection For Your Limestone

Patio Perfect’s professional limestone cleaner range is designed to give maximum results very quickly. Your surfaces should be fresh, germ-free and as good as new in no time! You will naturally want to maintain this look. Once the cleaning has been carried out, you can use our essential stone floor rejuvenator to seal the surface. This is effective on both sealed and unsealed limestone flooring. It protects your limestone against water-based stains and oil. Limestone is a porous material meaning it requires a sealer to remain at its best. This is the most effective way of protecting your limestone surfaces. Avoid using regular household cleaning products on your limestones. Many of these contain bleaches that could damage your surface.

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