Essential Outdoor Moss Killer for Roofs, Patios and Tarmac and Patios

Patio Perfect’s Essential Moss Killer is a quick-acting, biodegradable solution that will eradicate moss infestations from hard surfaces. Our highly effective moss killer for roof tiles as well as tarmac and patios will easily rid the area of the unsightly annoyance of moss. Brickwork and paving can quickly accumulate moss, reducing physical appeal. Our moss killer will solve this problem in no time. Simply use a watering can or a sprayer to apply, leave it to work its magic and watch the moss vanish. Using our moss killer on your patio will not only remove moss; it will leave your patio clean and fresh. It is also a highly effective treatment for moss on tarmac surfaces such as parking areas, play areas and tennis courts.

A top-quality moss killer can be applied to a multitude of surfaces to kill off the unattractive build-up of moss. So, you will only require one high-performing product. Whether you are looking for a moss killer for tarmac or moss killer for roof tiles, our Essential Moss Killer is the ideal solution.

What Is Moss?

Moss is one of the oldest plants in history. It is a small plant that is usually either light or dark green in colour. Moss grows in dense clumps or mats and has a thick and furry consistency. It thrives in moist climates, making the UK weather the perfect condition for it to grow. Any outdoor surface that gets damp and absorbs moisture will be prone to moss growth. Porous, wet surfaces make for the perfect breeding environment for moss. The plant can grow and spread rapidly if it is not treated swiftly. This is why it is crucial to keep on top of moss growth by treating and preventing it. Furthermore, using a professional moss killer for roof tiles will stop the plant from advancing as well as protect the surface from further infestations.

Moss acts like a sponge and can hold rainwater for a long period of time. Moss spores can quickly spread if not killed off, and this can cause damp issues for your surfaces. Roofs can become damaged, and even leak if moss is left to advance for some time. Patios and tarmacs are also vulnerable to the dangers of moss, therefore moss killer for roof tiles and tarmac are valuable. Our Essential moss Killer is a versatile product that removes moss from many outdoor surfaces. This will leave the surface clean, as well as safe under foot.

Eradicating Moss

Moss is a very unattractive growth that can hugely hinder the appearance of exterior surfaces. A beautiful wall can look tired with moss growth. A roof with a coating of the plant will look old and neglected. It can also pose a safety hazard by making tarmac slippery. With this in mind, it makes sense to keep on top of this issue with a professional moss killer. Not only will your external surfaces be restored visually, but it will also improve safety. Enhance the look of your driveway or roof by eliminating moss, will boost the appeal of your property. Applying our moss killer to your walls, driveway or patio will help to maintain your property and keep moss at bay. If you have a surface that requires sealing, it is important to incorporate moss killer into the cleaning of it. This is to ensure that any contamination of the surface is cleaned before the sealer is applied. This means the sealer can absorb into the surface efficiently. Dirt will interrupt this process and minimise results.

Acid-Free Moss Remover

Patio Perfect’s essential moss remover is a fully biodegradable and effective microbiological biocide that quickly kills moss. This specially formulated moss remover was designed to remove moss, slime and algae from a variety of external surfaces quickly. You will not need to scrub or wash the area once treated. There are no complex methods when using our moss remover. Rarely, stubborn moss may require a second application. If this should be the case, a hose could help to remove excess moss from the surface. Occasionally moss will stick in the crevices of roof tiles or brick work and require a slightly heavier treatment.

Many other moss killers available today will be acid-based products. These can pose a risk to exterior surfaces as well as surrounding plants and vegetation. The use of acid-based products can damage some natural stone surfaces. So, it is best to use a moss killer that is acid-free, like ours. Slate, granite and limestone are examples of surfaces that may be hindered by the use of acid-based formulas. Our essential moss remover is safe for use on most surfaces. If you should cover other areas with the moss remover, you can always rinse it away with clean water.

Easy Application

Once you have treated your surfaces with our essential moss killer, you are sure to be impressed with the results. Restoring the exterior surfaces of your home can be quite a transformation. You simply spray the formula onto the treatment area and leave it to work. Within a few days, you will be moss free, and the plant will be deterred for up to 12 months. With a high-performing moss killer for roofs, moss carpeted tiles can be returned to their original condition with just one application. Further applications may occasionally be required.

Full instructions will be provided with the moss killer. You can dilute the solution depending on the level of moss infestation. Usually, it will be diluted at a ratio of 1:20. You apply using either a sprayer or watering can, and there is no need to wash the product off. Once the formula has fully absorbed, the moss will begin to discolour and die within a couple of days. Your surface will be protected against further contamination for up to a year after application. The best way to protect your surfaces from moss is to use a good quality sealer after using the moss killer.

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