The Importance Of A Good Natural Stone Cleaner

Natural stone is a beautiful addition to any building, and it can be used for many features. Using a professional natural stone cleaner for the stone surfaces both inside and outside of your property is important. Choosing the right product is the best way to maintain the beauty of the stone. Many driveways, patios and external walls are made from natural stone. Finding the most effective patio stone cleaner is easy with Patio Perfect’s top-performing essential stone cleaner range. To achieve a pristine look and get the most from your natural stone aesthetically, you need a good maintenance routine. An excellent natural stone floor cleaner will leave your surface shining like new every time.

Using the wrong product on your natural stone can cause damage. Many of the day-to-day cleaning products contain acidic ingredients that may stain the surface. Our essential natural stone cleaner will thoroughly clean the stone using gentle ingredients that will not cause staining or streaking.

How To Correctly Clean Natural Stone

With the right care and protection, natural stone surfaces such as patios, walls and driveways can last for many years. Although it may sound challenging to look after beautiful stone features, it is made easy with the correct products. With our essential stone cleaner, you will not even have to apply much effort! Simply spray the product onto the natural stone and leave it to work. Incorrect cleaning of a natural stone surface, such as a patio, could damage and wear the stone. This will decrease its visual appeal significantly, making it appear aged. Using harsh chemicals on these surfaces could cause irreparable harm, so you must use the right cleaners and tools. This need not be a concern when using Patio Perfect’s essential natural stone cleaner. Our patio stone cleaner has been carefully crafted, especially for the job at hand.

There are some common errors people make when cleaning their natural stone surfaces. Here are the important things to remember to avoid making these errors:

Seal the stone – Regardless of the type of natural stone you have, it needs to be treated with an efficient sealer to protect it. Outdoor natural stone surfaces will need protection against the elements, general wear, foot traffic and stains. Indoor natural stone surfaces will need protecting against stains, streaks and etching. The best way to do this is to use a highly effective sealer such ours. To apply the natural stone sealer, you will need first to sweep or wipe down the surface. Ensure it is dry and simply apply the sealer. Rub it in with a cloth and leave it to work.

Do not use household cleaning products – It can be tempting to take the easy option and grab a household product to wipe down your natural stone. This could be a costly mistake. When cleaning natural stone, you should always use a dedicated natural stone cleaner. This is because day-to-day cleaners contain harsh, acidic ingredients that could harm the stone surface.

Sweep the stone regularly – If you have a natural stone floor, you should sweep it regularly as part of your cleaning routine. Debris, stones, sticks and grit can all accumulate and cause scratching to the stone surface as well as being unsightly. If leaves are left to rot, they can cause damage to the stone. Other small bits of debris such as rocks and sand can also harm your stone.

Treat green growth, algae and mould correctly – Green Growth, mould, algae, lichen, black spot and mildew, can all grow on natural stone. This can not only cause the surface to look dirty and stained, but also make it slippery and dangerous. Natural stone is a porous material, leaving it vulnerable to such contamination, particularly in shaded areas. When treating your natural stone for green growth and algae etc. be sure not to use just any product. You will need a product specifically designed for this task. Patio Perfect’s Green Growth killer products are a perfect choice. Other chemicals available may stain or damage the stone due to their acidity. Our green growth remover products are acid-free, as are our natural stone cleaners. We have safe and effective cleaning solutions for all situations.

Clean spillages – If spillage occurs on your patio, it can be easy to forget about it. You may have guests over for a party, BBQ or evening meal and spillages may go unnoticed. Although food and drink spills are unavoidable on these types of surfaces, they should always be treated quickly and correctly. If you are cooking on your patio and oil or grease spills occur, they should be cleaned as soon as possible. A dedicated patio stone cleaner should be used to clean the spill. Our natural stone cleaner is a versatile product that tackles a multitude of stains and dirt with ease. Cleaning these types of spills quickly will stop the substance from absorbing into the stone surface and staining it.

How To Use Our Essential Natural Stone Cleaner

At Patio Perfect, we have a cleaner for every scenario. Cleaning, protecting, restoring and sealing your surfaces has never been so easy and cost-effective! With our natural stone cleaner, you simply apply the solution and leave it to work. No hard scrubbing is required. It is not only suitable as a natural stone or patio stone cleaner; it is effective on many other hard surfaces. The product quickly removes layers of grime and dirt as well as green growth and algae. You will usually find that one swift application is all that is required. If your natural stone is particularly dirty, then you may need a second application. We recommend using this formula neat on areas with a substantial build-up of dirt. Regular cleaning can be performed using a dilution rate of 1:1. Our stone cleaner will work within two-four hours. Do not let the area you are cleaning dry out while the product is at work. If necessary, mist the area after a while to ensure it does not dry. Your stone surface will be transformed in no time!

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