The Importance Of A High-quality Outdoor Cleaner

All outdoor surfaces require maintenance and cleaning. At Patio Perfect, we understand the worth of a presentable and clean outdoor area for your property. Our outdoor cleaning range is an effective, powerful solution to your outdoor cleaning worries. Outdoor patio cleaner, deck cleaner, natural stone cleaner, and tile cleaner are examples of the professional cleaning formulas we specialise in. We have every outdoor cleaner you could need to keep the exterior of your property in grand condition. UK weather can be unpredictable and harsh. This constant exposure to elements means your outdoor surfaces can become worn and dirty over time. Dirt, algae, black spot, lichen, green growth, leaves and muck, all-cause unsightly marks and even staining. Rainfall will leave porous surfaces such as brick, decking and natural stone, vulnerable to retaining moisture. This will provide the ideal environment for algae and green growth to grow. Patios become stained due to spillages and leaf coverage. It can seem like an impossible task to keep on top of this type of cleaning. Some people opt for day-to-day cleaners such as Lithofin outdoor cleaner or Jeyes fluid outdoor cleaner. While these are fine for regular cleaning, a specialised cleaner is required for thorough outdoor cleaning tasks. Patio Perfect’s essential outdoor cleaner is an easy and cost-effective product that achieves outstanding results. Cleaning your exterior walls and floors will keep them looking pristine and welcoming as well as protected from damage.

How To Keep Your Outdoor Space Clean

The interior of a property is often the focal point when it comes to design, layout and cleanliness. However, what is the very first thing visitors will see upon approaching your building? Your outside can speak 1000 words, and first impressions count. This is true for any residential or business property. Whether you are looking to attract customers or home buyers, you will want your external surfaces looking their absolute best. So, how do you get the most out of your outdoor space? The most important thing is to ensure you buy the correct cleaning products for the job. You will need cleaners that have been specially crafted for the specific cleaning task and surface. Finding these has been made easy with our selection of highly effective outdoor cleaners. All of our products are labelled clearly depending on the surface and job they are designed for. It is crucial that you do not just buy any regular surface cleaner. Some formulas can damage and stain certain surfaces and will not always provide a thorough or safe clean. Others may not be up to the task, wasting your time and money and leaving your surface no cleaner.

Creating an outdoor cleaning schedule is recommended. You should regularly ensure leaves, debris, mud and foreign objects are removed from surfaces. If you have outdoor furniture, try to clean any debris build up as soon as it occurs. This will make the task of cleaning your outdoor space easier by not having a significant build-up of dirt to combat. It is good practice to store away outdoor furniture in the colder months when not in use.

Patio Perfect’s Essential Outdoor Cleaner Range

Patio Perfect have a fantastic selection of top-performing, fast-acting outdoor cleaners. Each one has been carefully formulated to deliver exceptional results when cleaning the specific area it is made for. These are great alternatives to Lithofin outdoor cleaner and Jeyes Fluid outdoor cleaner. You will find the perfect solution for all outdoor cleaning tasks as we have ensured all needs are catered for. Our extensive experience and knowledge of the cleaning product industry mean we only offer professional and high-performing products. Here are just a few examples of the outdoor cleaning products we have to offer:

Patio Cleaner – A fast working formula suitable for cleaning a multitude of outdoor surfaces including patios, natural stone, block paving and pathways. This is highly effective on harsh weather muck and dirt. Ready to apply, simply leave for a few hours and see results. This product works well on algae and blackspots and tackles even the toughest stains. Furthermore, it often works better than Jeyes Fluid outdoor cleaner or Lithofin outdoor cleaner

Natural Stone Cleaner – This is designed to clean all-natural stone areas, but can also be used on most other outdoor hard surfaces. This product is easy to apply, and after just two hours, will wash off removing layers of dirt. This will also remove lichen and algae.

Green Growth Remover – A cleaner specially formulated to eradicate even the most persistent green growth and organic growth from outdoor surfaces. Suitable for use on most outdoor areas, including driveways, patios and roof tiles.

Deck Cleaner – A powerful cleaner that will clean and restore even the dullest of decking. This is suitable for use on wooden decking as well as artificial decking and outdoor furniture. It removes dirt, grime, algae, lichen and black spot within just two hours of application.

Block Paving Cleaner – A very effective cleaner that is specially formulated to tackle tough dirt and grime on natural as well as engineered pavers. Driveways, patios, block paving and natural stone, can be restored to their original shine in hours.

Brick Acid Cleaner – A professional brick and stone cleaner that is effective on acid-resistant brick and stone walls, foundations, flooring and features. Fast removal of builders mess, as well as general dirt and grime.

Tile Cleaner – A variety of high-performing indoor and outdoor tile cleaning products. From flooring to bathroom tiles and grouting, we have the perfect tile cleaner for the job. Eliminate mould, dirt and stains quickly and easily.

These are just some of the exceptional outdoor cleaner products we have to offer at Patio Perfect. We also have a great selection of sealers and indoor cleaners. All of which will leave the treatment area clean, fresh and glistening every time. If you are used to using Lithofin outdoor cleaner or Jeyes Fluid outdoor cleaner our products not only clean and restore your surfaces but also provide protection. Breathe new life into your outdoor space and bring it back to its pristine condition with our cost-effective formulas. All of our products are easy to use and come with clear instructions for application in order to maximise results. Select the product you require on our website for in-depth information on each product. You will find directions for use, ingredients and expected results. Simply add to basket and enjoy the results!

Should you require any further information or assistance, contact our friendly team who are always happy to help.

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