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A patio is a stylish addition to any property, be it a residential or commercial building. However, the nature of any outdoor surface means it will fall victim to the elements and people traffic. With this in mind, it is vital to ensure you use the best patio cleaner possible. This will help to keep your patio looking new and inviting, maintaining its original appeal. Patio Perfect’s essential patio cleaner is your best friend when looking to rid your patio of dirt and grime. Our patio slab cleaner is a formula that is specially designed to tackle even the toughest of dirt and algae. This highly effective patio cleaner will save you time and money as it is easy to use and budget friendly. What’s more, using our patio cleaner means there is no need for pressure washers. The use of such equipment can, over time, damage and weaken your patio surface. Our cleaner is quick and easy to use and will protect your patio rather than wear it down.

Why It Is Important To Maintain You Patio

To keep your patio in prime condition, a maintenance routine is required. Whether your patio is natural stone, concrete or brick pavers, our patio slab cleaner is the best product for the job. As a rule, the less porous the material, the easier it is to maintain. Denser patio material will need less frequent cleaning as moisture build-up will be reduced. This means the surface is less likely to accumulate infestations such as green growth, algae and lichen. Sandstone is a very porous surface, and although aesthetically pleasing, will require a more frequent cleaning schedule. The material of your patio is certainly something you should consider before having it laid. Granite and limestone surfaces are denser materials.

Cleaning Your Patio

Patios do not require a huge investment of time or effort to maintain. A regular sweep down and the best patio cleaner available is adequate. Another thing to keep in mind is that any spillages onto the surface should be cleaned as soon as possible. This will stop the substance absorbing and therefore staining. Regular sweeping of your patio means dirt, grime, green growth and algae do not have a chance to thrive and spread. Neglecting this will result in these unsightly contaminations becoming ingrained into the patio joints. The presence of algae could pose a health risk as it has a slippery consistency. Our patio cleaner will eradicate this risk and restore the visual appeal of your patio.

Patio Perfect’s Best Patio Cleaner

If you frequently wash your patios with intense pressure washing systems, this will wear the surface down over time. The protective seal on the paving will wear down and leave the material exposed. Our patio slab cleaner is the perfect solution when looking to clean your patio while also protecting it thoroughly. Our range of essential patio cleaning products are specially crafted to remove grime and organic growth from patio surfaces easily. This will eliminate the need for pressure washing.

If you have a patio that is in new condition, you may wish to opt for our algae remover formula. This will provide a softer clean while still removing any grime and algae that may be present. The beauty of our product range is that there is a solution for all cleaning needs. All of our formulas are quick, easy and safe to apply. You can adjust the dilution ratio depending on the intensity of dirt on your surface. If your patio is particularly porous, or of substantial age, a stronger patio cleaner is best. Patio Perfect’s essential patio cleaner, as well as our essential black spot remover, are both highly effective on older stone. Always be sure to follow the application instructions supplied with the product. Wear protective eyewear and clothing when applying.

Acid-free Patio Cleaner

None of Patio Perfect’s patio cleaning products contain acid. No bleaching or staining to the surface will occur when you use our best patio cleaner as it is acid-free. Before you apply the formula, soak the areas surrounding the patio with water. This ensures the grass and vegetation will not suffer harm. Always use a generous amount of water for the rinse off process too. Before you start applying the formula, be sure to read through the instructions supplied thoroughly. This will help you to achieve maximum results quickly and safely. If contamination is severe, you should use the product neat or only slightly diluted. Work in the liquid using a broom and leave it to work for longer.

Once you have treated your surface with our products, it will retain a fresh, clean look for a substantial period of time. You should not need to re-treat the area too often once our essential patio cleaner has been used. This means you will save time and money as five litres of the cleaner will treat between 100 – 200 m².

When And How To Use Your Patio Cleaner

There is not one exact rule on how weak or strong the dilution of our patio cleaner should be. This is mostly reliant on the severity of the dirt and grime it is required to fight. Another factor that could change your cleaning requirements is weather conditions. The damper the weather, the greater the moisture build-up. This, in turn, means the infestation of organic growth is more significant. Dryer, warmer months will help the surface to keep moisture out.

A good code to follow would be to clean your patio surface upon the first sign of any organic growth forming. This will generally be once or twice a year for most gardens. It is also advised that a good quality sealer is applied to the surface. This will protect it from further contamination and wear. Patio Perfect’s patio sealer is just the product for the job. Following this care and protection routine will enable you to enjoy a stunning and welcoming patio all year round.

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