Cleaning Sandstone Surfaces

Sandstone is an increasingly popular choice for property and business owners. With this comes the need to acquire a high performing sandstone cleaner. Sandstone paving is a versatile type of natural stone surface. It is not only visually appealing but also fits both professional and homely settings. Indian sandstone is widely used in gardens for pathways, patios and driveways. While these are beautiful features, you will need the right Indian sandstone cleaner to maintain this beauty all year round. Patio Perfect’s Essential sandstone cleaner removes layers of muck, grime, algae and lichen fast. There are many products available for different types of sandstone surfaces, and it can be overwhelming seeking the right one. Our cleaners are specially crafted to eradicate even the most stubborn of dirt and stains from sandstone surfaces. Our sandstone patio cleaner tackles grime and organic growth such as mould, algae and lichen, easily.

Sandstone paving is a popular choice when investing in a patio. Patios can quickly accumulate stains from rotten leaves as well as the unsightly build-up of algae. This will make the surface a slippery danger zone. Eliminating these unwanted contaminations will give you a shining clean patio that is safe and slip-free. Our sandstone patio cleaner is highly effective, fast-acting and affordable. Our simple to use a product will keep your patio looking radiant.

It is perhaps a shock for property owners to see how fast dirt and organic growth can take over a sandstone surface. The presence of such things can dampen the appearance of the stone, leaving it looking worn and dull. Dirt can become ingrained into the stone, reducing its visual appeal. Sweeping debris away frequently will help to reduce this build-up. However, using a high-performing sandstone cleaning is the only way to keep the surface looking its best. Algae, lichen and black spot thrive in the damp weather that the UK brings. The colder months can see an abundance of this type of growth, forming on many outdoor surfaces. Our Indian sandstone cleaner will attack this issue with such force that your sandstone will be as good as new.

Choosing The Right Sandstone Cleaner

Patio Perfect have a highly effective Indian sandstone cleaner for all varieties of internal as well as external sandstone flooring. There are different variations of natural stone cleaner, depending on your specific requirements. Our powerful sandstone patio cleaner tackles substantial black spot and lichen on older surfaces, breathing new life into the patio. You may think your patio has had its day due to being worn and dirty. This doesn’t have to be the case with Patio Perfects Essential sandstone cleaner range. Our cleaners are designed for specific types of contaminations and surfaces, so you are sure to find the perfect solution. The use of a high-quality sandstone cleaner means your sandstone maintenance routine need not be difficult, frequent or costly.

Sandstone is, by nature, a porous material. This means it is more vulnerable than perhaps other hard surfaces to infestations of mould and black spot. These types of bacteria will quickly thrive if not treated and can cause damage to the surface if left to spread. With sandstone being alkaline, it will have a chemical reaction to anything acidic. This is why an acid-free sandstone cleaner such as ours is essential.

Natural Stone

Sandstone is made from natural minerals and soils. This means sandstone is available in many colours, from white, tan, red and brown to darker grey shades. Each section of stone is unique, which is one of its attractive qualities. These features mean beautiful flooring and patios can be created in many aesthetically pleasing ways. Sandstone is relatively soft, making it versatile and a popular choice for interior design. This does mean the surface is quite porous, which brings the need for careful and thorough maintenance. If done correctly, the maintenance routine for your sandstone can be carried out quickly and without hassle. Keeping on top of it with a ‘little and often’ approach is the best method. Also, check the sandstone cleaner you are using to ensure it is acid-free and meets the requirements of your flooring. Sandstone patio cleaners should also be acid-free while still delivering a strong performance. Pressure washing natural stone should be avoided where possible. This will not only make the stone more porous, and frequent hard washing can erode the surface.

Patio Perfect’s Essential Sandstone Cleaner Range

Our sandstone cleaner products are acid-free. Using products that contain acid can bleach and damage your sandstone. We have a wide range of products suited to sandstone, Indian sandstone and many other natural stone surface types. Our formulas vary in intensity depending on the job at hand. We have professional, top-quality products for all aspects of sandstone maintenance. Our range of sandstone cleaners help to restore colour and shine on your surface. A sealer will also give your stone thorough protection with a water-resistant barrier. Algae will not be able to embed and root in your sandstone once it has been treated with the sealer.

Our natural stone cleaner is a high performing solution that works quickly and effectively on all-natural stone surfaces. Perhaps our black spot remover is more suited to your needs. We have many other cleaners and products for all stone types. Simply look at the product information to see how each one works. You will find all the details needed to make an informed decision on the right product for you.

Applying Sandstone Cleaner

Be sure to read the instructions before using our sandstone cleaner. With some of our stone cleaners, you should adjust the dilution rate according to the severity of contamination on the surface. Some cleaners are best applied using a sprayer for maximum coverage. Others may require working in with a broom to achieve the best results. Each product will have detailed instructions on how to apply the formula safely and effectively. Our essential natural stone cleaning products are crafted with the consumer in mind. All products will deliver amazing results in minimal time.

Sandstone Cleaner Products


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