Using Slate Cleaner On Tiles, Paving And Flooring

Slate flooring is an attractive addition to a building. It is classy and striking and provides a stylish look. Using the best slate cleaner to uphold that pristine look is important. Our top-performing slate floor cleaner fights dirt and keeps stains away. With our products, you can enjoy the look of your slate floor for years to come. Similarly, our slate patio cleaner will give you the ability to ensure your slate patio maintains its appeal through all seasons.

Slate is a very durable and appealing feature for a building. The beautiful look of slate flooring and patios is hard to compete with, and the cost of slate reflects its qualities. The addition of a slate floor will boost the value of a property. With this in mind, you will require the best professional slate cleaner to keep on top of your slate maintenance. Slate is one of the strongest types of natural stone, making it highly resistant to crack and damage. If slate is correctly looked after, it can last for many years. For patios, we suggest using a slate patio cleaner. Furthermore, It is a popular flooring choice for kitchens, bathrooms and walkways. A high-performing slate floor cleaner will help to maintain the stunning quality of the stone. You will rarely need to replace or repair slate flooring, tiles or patios. This long-lasting durability, teamed with its aesthetic qualities makes it a popular choice of stone. You can choose an array of colours for your slate, enabling you to match it to your décor.

There are a few things to consider when looking to use a slate floor cleaner with a slate surface. While the advantages significantly outweigh any negative factors, it is worth knowing all the facts. Slate is an expensive choice due to its many great qualities. Having a slate floor or patio is an investment that you will want to look after. Our slate cleaner formula will let you do just that. Installation of slate is not as easy as other stone choices, so that could take a bit of time. Slate is a material that requires maintenance from the get-go. Once it is laid, it will need to be sealed to protect the surface. This sealer should be reapplied every so often to ensure consistent protection. The grouting in slate can be a potentially vulnerable area. These areas are susceptible to dirt and mould if not cleaned correctly. Our slate floor cleaning will quickly and effectively attack any grime accumulating on all areas of your slate flooring. Patio Perfect has a fantastic, high performing range of products that are specially formulated to clean and protect slate.

Patio Perfect’s Essential Slate Cleaner Products

There are various steps to take to get the best results from our professional slate cleaner. Over all, it is quick and easy to use our slate patio cleaner and results are outstanding. Firstly, it is important to establish precisely which cleaning product is best suited to your surface. Some of the slate floor cleaner products we offer include:

Neutral floor slate cleaner – This neutral cleaner is perfect for cleaning slate surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens. It can be used on any natural stone surfaces and leaves the area looking and smelling fresh, clean and bacteria-free.

Black spot remover – A powerful alkaline-based cleaner for the removal of black spot and lichen from outdoor stone surfaces. Application is quick and easy, leave for 2-3 hours and rinse. Apply diluted at a ratio of 1:1 for a regular clean. Apply the product neat on areas with significant black spot issues for better results.

Patio cleaner – A top quality patio, path and driveway cleaning formula. This tough solution can combat even the most stubborn winter dirt and grime. It comes ready to use and is highly effective at restoring worn patios to a pristine condition. If you have a particularly old or dirty patio, this cleaner will remove a build-up of muck and long-standing algae easily.

Natural stone cleaner – A high-performing, specially formulated solution for targeting dirt on external natural stone surfaces. This product can be used on most external hard surfaces and works quickly to remove layers of dirt and grime. It also tackles algae and lichen contamination. Leave to work for two hours.

Stone floor rejuvenator – Professional cleaning formula specially crafted for use on all natural stone surfaces. It gives a clean and fresh finish while adding a wax seal element. This product protects against water and oil-based stains while rejuvenating and conditioning the stone.

Ultra cleaner pro – A heavy-duty, high-performance cleaner. Suitable for cleaning slate, porcelain, marble, limestone, ceramic and many other stone surfaces. This formula was designed to dissolve ingrained dirt, grease and wax effectively and quickly. Perfect to use on heavily stained areas. This fast-working cleaner takes just 20 minutes to tackle thick grime and dirt.

Cleaning Slate Surfaces

All you will need once you have the right cleaner is a sponge or mop, and a bucket. Sweep the surface, ensuring any bits of dirt and debris are cleared from the area. Small bits of dirt that remain on a slate surface during a clean can have a sandpaper effect. This may end up scratching and damaging your slate, so could be a costly error. A dry mop or soft broom is the best tools to remove dirt from the surface. Microfibre dry mops are a fantastic choice as these trap dust, stopping from it being distributed. After the floor has been sufficiently cleaned, you can apply your slate cleaner. Dip your mop or sponge into the cleaning solutions, draining off excess fluid. Gently wipe the surface down, ensuring all areas are covered. When using slate cleaner on kitchen counter surfaces, a soft towel is fine to wipe down with. Using our very effective slate cleaners is extremely easy and takes hardly any time or effort.

If you are unsure of which product is best suited to your stone surfaces, we are here to help. We can help you select the slate patio cleaner or slate floor cleaner that is right for you. Contact our friendly and professional team at Patio Perfect for more information and advice.

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