Maintaining You Stone Surfaces

Patio Perfect is the perfect place for any home or business owner looking for the best Indian stone cleaner. Our selection of products includes paving stone cleaner and Indian stone cleaner. All varieties of indoor and outdoor stone surfaces can be well looked after using our product range. Using the best stone cleaner on your stone is paramount in order to keep it visually stunning and clean. To get the most from your stone, you will want a highly effective paving stone cleaner such as ours. If you do not correctly look after stone, you could be left with a damaged feature or floor. Replacing stone features is a costly task and something you will want to avoid. Stone is a stunning choice of material for any property. It will add style and value to any building, for many years, when cared for correctly.

How To Look After Your Stone

As well as using a high-performance paving stone cleaner, it is important to know how to take care of your stone. Here, we look at some tips on how to maintain your stone surfaces and features correctly.

Do not use the wrong substance to clean – Day-to-day cleaning products and homemade concoctions can do more harm than good to your stone. Vinegar is a common ingredient for homemade cleaners. While this may be effective on some surfaces, vinegar could damage your natural stone. Buying a specialised Indian stone cleaner is the best option. Our products have the correct level of pH to make it neutral. Vinegar is acidic and would cause a reaction to some types of stone. These stone types include marble, limestone and travertine. Some cleaning products will contain bleach which can also be harsh on a stone surface. Bleach can cause etching and even burning. Any Indian stone cleaner that contains acidic ingredients should not be used. A non-acidic cleaner is the only way to ensure you are protecting your stone while cleaning.

Use non-abrasive cleaning tools – When applying your paving stone cleaner, be sure not to use abrasive tools or equipment. If your stone surface suffers a stain, do not use a scrubbing pad to clean it. Scrubbers and abrasive tools can harm the surface of your stone. It may be tempting to use these items to treat scratches, etches or stains, but it will only enhance the issue. Instead of reaching for these abrasive tools, just apply our specialist stone cleaning products with a soft cloth. This will provide a gentle yet effective treatment, and above all, will not cause any damage.

Dust the stone before cleaning – Before you apply the product, be sure to clear the stone surface or feature of all dust and debris. Worktops and flooring are prime areas for crumbs, dust and dirt to build-up. You need the area to be free from such things to carry out a successful application. Any grains that remain on the stone during the cleaning process will act as abrasives. You could then be damaging your stone by working this debris into the surface during the cleaning. Aim to clean your stone frequently with a dust mop. This will help to maintain the appeal of your stone and maximise longevity.

Use a sealer on your stone – Treating all stone features inside and outside of your home with a top-quality sealer is recommended. This will protect your stone’s appearance and durability, helping you get the most from it. Incorporating the application of a sealer into your stone maintenance routine will make cleaning it easier. Patio Perfect have a variety of professional sealer products suited for all surfaces.

Patio Perfects Essential Stone Cleaner Range

Now we have looked at how to clean stone surfaces and what errors to avoid, which product do we need? Whether you are looking for paving stone cleaner or a product to clean your worktop, we have the perfect solution. Patio Perfect’s essential stone cleaner range will keep your residential or business property visually fresh and stunning all year round.

We have a selection of high-performance cleaning products on offer. Each cleaner has been carefully formulated to provide maximum results on various stone surfaces. Our Essential range of cleaning products is perfect for most stone surfaces and all environments. Whether you are looking for paving stone cleaner, Indian stone cleaner or a stone rejuvenator, we have it covered. Here are just some options to consider when choosing the right cleaning product for your stone.

Black Spot Remover – A very powerful cleaner that targets black spot, algae and lichen on all stone surfaces. This is a quick-acting, alkaline-based formula that is easy to use.

Patio Cleaner – A highly effective cleaning product that is ideal for cleaning external stone surfaces. Natural stone, paving, patios and driveways will all spring back to life after an application of this formula. Particularly efficient at fighting harsh weather dirt and grime. Simply apply the formula and leave it to work its magic for a few hours.

Natural Stone Cleaner – A professional-grade cleaning product, dedicated to cleaning all types of natural stone areas. This is a versatile product that is also suitable for most other hard surfaces. This is quick and easy to use, removing layers of dirt with one application.

Stone Floor Rejuvenator – This top-performing cleaner is a fantastic product suitable for use on all types of natural stone. It not only provides an incredibly fresh and clean feel but also gives the stone a wax seal effect. This protects and rejuvenates the stone’s condition.

Contact Patio Perfect

If you are unsure of the product you require, feel free to contact our team of friendly experts. We can help you determine the best cleaner for your stone. Whether you have a stone patio, worktop, floor or water feature, we will direct you to the product for the job. We can guide you through the cleaning process, so you are armed will all the information you need. Just give us a call or email, and we will be only too happy to assist.

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