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Tiles feature in many parts of a building. Both home environments and work settings will have tile flooring or tiles decorating and framing areas. Using the best tile cleaner is essential when it comes to taking real care of your tiles. Floor tile cleaner is a must for any property wishing to enjoy the full shine and cleanliness of tile flooring. If you are finding it challenging to keep your tiles clean and bacteria-free, we have the solution. Our tile cleaner range has everything you need to keep all types of tiles in premium condition. Perhaps you have beautiful slate flooring? We have a highly effective slate tile cleaner that will clean and protect your tiles, keeping them clean and fresh.

At Patio Perfect, we are aware of the different problems you are faced with when keeping tile surfaces in pristine condition. Various contaminations, bacteria and stains quickly build-up, and it takes the right products to conquer these. Our essential tile cleaner range is specially created to tackle specific dirt and contamination on many forms of tiles. Tiled flooring is a popular choice to kitchen and bathroom areas. Obtaining the right floor tile cleaner is important to keep the tiles in optimum condition. But tiles are not restricted to these areas; they are used in many other capacities. Tiles make for a wonderful decorative feature in the home and garden. The correct maintenance plan is crucial to ensure you get the full visual benefit of any tiling. Slate tiles are a stunning addition to a building, but they do require specific care. With proper care and the best tile cleaner, all types of tile surfaces can retain their beauty for many years.

Types Of Tile – Buying The Right Floor Tile Cleaner

There are many different types of tiles available. Although they may seem similar, each tile type will have unique qualities and requirements. Porcelain, ceramic, and slate tiles are all attractive choices. These are easy to wipe down, durable and water-resistant. Investing in a premium quality tile cleaner is key to the upkeep of your tile flooring. Our slate tile cleaner will enable you to preserve the visual qualities of your slate for years to come. Tile surfaces both inside and outside of the home do not need an elaborate care routine. Armed with the most effective tile cleaner, you can have pristine surfaces that look like new. Eradicate dirt, grime and harmful bacteria with one easy to use product.

There are many different products in the shops that claim to be ‘all-purpose’ cleaners. Although understandably tempting to take this quick option, it could actually harm your surface. Over the counter products may contain harmful chemicals that could stain or etch your tile. Our products are gentle yet high performing, as well as cost-effective. Using a specialist tile cleaner that is dedicated to the tile type you are treating is important. This is the best way to protect, restore and maintain your tile surfaces. A tired looking tile floor or feature can take away from the appearance of a property. Well-maintained tiles will boost appeal.

Patio Perfect’s Essential Tile Cleaner Range

Removing Mould From Bathroom Tiles – Mould is one of those unavoidable annoyances that most bathrooms will encounter. A professional tile cleaner dedicated to eliminating mould is the most effective treatment. Our essential grout mould cleaner is the ideal product for tackling mould. You can use this on the grout and silicone around the tiles as well as plastic and enamel. An easy to use spray that quickly eradicates mould and black spot. Your bathroom tiles will be mould free in less than 30 minutes.

Cleaning Indoor Tile Surfaces – For day-to-day indoor cleaning of tile surfaces, we have the top performing essential hard surface neutral cleaner. This is a high-quality multi-surface formula that is perfect for daily cleaning tasks. Ideal for cleaning tiles in bathrooms and kitchens, this will leave all types of tile sparkling and bacteria-free. Suitable for use on ceramic, porcelain and slate tiles as well as a multitude of other surfaces. This product will leave counter tops, floors and all other tiled areas shining. It removes dirt and stains without the need for acid or bleach ingredients.

Cleaning Outdoor Tile Surfaces – Our essential natural sone cleaner is the best product to tackle dirt on external tile surfaces. This is an easy to apply solution, simply spray and leave! No vigorous scrubbing is needed. This hard-working tile cleaner is specially crafted to target tough dirt and grime on external surfaces. Suitable for all types of natural stone and many other hard surfaces, this product works in just two hours. Once rinsed off, your tile surface will be left clean, fresh and free of dirt, algae and any other contamination.

Heavy Duty Indoor And Outdoor Cleaning – If you have tile surfaces that require a more thorough clean, we have the ideal solutions. Our essential ultra cleaner pro tackles the most hardened layers of dirt, muck, algae and other infestations. This is a professional heavy-duty cleaning formula that is suitable for use on many hard surface types. Examples include ceramic, porcelain, limestone and marble. This cleaner has been carefully made to dissolve layers of ingrained dirt and contamination on both external and internal surfaces. Essential ultra-cleaner works as a highly effective floor tile cleaner that removes grease, wax and other stubborn stains.

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