Professional Sealers For All Internal And External Hard Surfaces

Around any business or residential property, you will find many hard surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. Using the best sealers to protect and enhance these surfaces is essential in order to maintain their health and maximise longevity. Sealers for pavers outside of your property will help you aesthetically achieve the most from the surface. A sealer will also protect the surface from the elements, staining and general wear. Likewise, a garage floor sealer will protect the much-used stone from damp and cracking. Sealers form a protective film on the surface or penetrate the porous elements of the stone to protect against moisture.

Sealing a surface is the best way to ensure it is not vulnerable to the elements and various other harmful factors. Day-to-day wear, spillages and foot traffic are unavoidable. By using high-performing sealers; you provide the best possible protection to enhance the lifespan and appearance of your surface. Patio Perfects range of essential sealers is professional products, tailored for use on various surfaces. You will find a sealer for all requirements. Sealers for pavers, garage floor sealer, brick, concrete and natural stone sealers, indoor sealers and many more. External surfaces such as stone, paving, decking, walls and wood will all require protecting.

Impregnating, Penetrating And Topical Sealers

Before you chose one of our sealers, you will want to determine exactly which material you are treating. Most hard surfaces will be a form of stone. If you are treating porous stone, an impregnating sealer may be the best option here. This is because the porous stone will quickly absorb any moisture. The sealer will absorb and protect the stone from the inside out. These kinds of sealers will not leave a noticeable finish on the stone surface.

On the other hand, dense stone, such as granite, is not so absorbent. This may require a topical sealer. These form a film on the surface of the stone, enhancing or altering the appearance of the surface. It may provide a wet look or a slip-resistant finish. If you are looking to protect an external wood surface, such as decking or fencing, a penetrating sealer is best. This is why it is important to establish your surface material before you purchase sealers. These sealers will deeply penetrate the wooden surface, adhering to the porous areas and stopping moisture from causing rotting. These sealers will help deter organic growth such as algae and green growth.

Sealers For Pavers And Stone Surfaces

As discussed above, it is paramount that you know precisely the type of surface you are treating before choosing sealers. There are a few ways in which a sealer can alter the appearance of your surface. Some may change the colour slightly. This could enhance the look, providing a fresh and vibrant shine. If you do not wish to change the surface appearance, it is essential to choose a sealer that will not do this. For outdoor stone surfaces such as patios, driveways and paving, protection against weather and organic growth will be your priority. This is because the cracks in such surfaces provide the perfect places for green growth, algae and lichen to form. Damp leaves and muck can become ingrained and the surface will appear worn and may be slippery and unsafe. A good quality sealer will protect your stone from weather fading and erosion. This will help prolong the life of the surface, protecting your investment. The surface will look cleaner and fresh. This is important for any home or business; a dirty looking floor or driveway can be somewhat unappealing.

Using high-quality sealers will help to reduce future cleaning. Often, a sweep or non-vigorous clean is all that is needed to keep on top of maintenance. Sealers will last for a few years, and with applying a top-up being so easy, it will fit easily into any maintenance routine. If you opt for a topical sealer that leaves a layer on the surface, you will simply need to wipe it clean. One thing to be aware of here is that you will want to use a specialist cleaner. Many household cleaners can wear away the protective layer of your sealer. Patio Perfect’s essential cleaner range has the right cleaner for all types of surfaces.

A garage floor sealer will leave your garage surface protected from the substantial loads it will endure. Cars, tools, storage equipment can all cause wear. Our garage floor sealer will make sure your garage floor is protected from damp and not left vulnerable to cracking. Our sealers for pavers are designed to provide maximum protection to natural stone. The versatility of our sealers means you can protect a multitude of materials from wood, brick and concrete, to sandstone, granite and slate.

When sealing heavy foot traffic areas such as a driveway, or pathway, your sealer may wear down quicker than indoor surfaces. With this in mind, you may need a more durable sealer. You may also want to re-apply every two years. Another factor is weather conditions. If your surface is always in sunlight, then you will want a UV resistant sealer. Sunlight can fade the colour of some stone surfaces, reducing its appeal. There are many things to consider when choosing the best sealers. Ultimately, you will need to determine the type of surface and its specific needs. Impregnating sealers may not provide the stunning finish of other types, but some surfaces will significantly benefit from their exceptional protection. However, some surfaces may benefit more from a glossy, protective film. If you have any queries, our team are happy to help you.

Patio Perfects Essential Sealers

At Patio Perfect, we understand how crucial it is to ensure your surface is protected with the best sealer. This is why we have sealers for all requirements. Browse our sealers page for detailed descriptions on our professional products. Here are just a few examples on the high-performance sealers we have to offer:

  • Block paving sealer
  • Brick sealer
  • Concrete sealer
  • Driveway sealer
  • Granite sealer
  • Grout sealer
  • Indoor sealer
  • Limestone sealer
  • Marble sealer
  • Outdoor sealer
  • Patio sealer
  • Sandstone sealer
  • Slate sealer
  • Tarmac sealer
  • Wall sealer
  • Wet look sealer