Looking After Block Paving

Block paving is an appealing asset to a property. But, like any significant home improvement project, it is not a cheap addition. With this in mind, you will want to maintain your block paving the best way possible to ensure longevity. Block paving sealer and block paving cleaner are essential products when looking to care for your block paving. Whether you have a block paving patio, driveway, pathway or garden feature, our professional wet look paving sealer is ideal. Using a product akin to Thompson block paving sealer will do the job. However, to get premium results and protection, Patio Perfect’s essential block paving sealer is the best choice. Protecting your investment is crucial, and we have the perfect product range to help you do just that.

Brick and block paving will begin to deteriorate if it is not sufficiently protected. This is why paving sealer is a vital necessity if you want to get the best from your paving. The paving will start to lose colour if not sunlight resistant, leaving it looking dull and less vibrant. Vehicle and foot traffic will wear down the paving, as well as pressure washing. Block and brick paving are relatively soft materials and somewhat porous. This makes it the perfect place for unwanted infestations such as algae and lichen to thrive. This can not only ruin the appearance of the paving but also make it slippery and unsafe.

Patio Perfect’s Essential Block Paving Sealer

Most types of block paving sealer and wet look block paving sealer available in shops will be fairly basic. While they may do the job short term, they simply do not have the right ingredients to protect your paving surface fully. Patio Perfect’s essential block paving sealer is the high-quality sealer that achieves maximum results. Long term durability and protection is crucial, and our sealers provide this from the moment they are applied. Our wet look paving sealer will protect your paving from a wide variety of wear and contaminations. These include UV light, weeds, algae, lichen, black spot, rotten leaves and green growth. This budget-friendly product has a wealth of benefits, and once applied, you will notice a vast difference on your paving surface. You can restore the visual appearance meaning your driveway or patio has that ‘good as new’ look all year through.

Our block paving sealer is suitable for use on outdoor stone surfaces. These include block paving, engineered concrete types and natural clay. It is also highly effective on the more porous stone such as slate, sandstone and limestone. It not only protects and seals, but it also gives the stone a stylish satin finish. This high-performance stone sealer has been specially created to provide hard-wearing protection and an aesthetically pleasing satin shine. This will enhance the vibrancy of the colour while protecting the stone from staining. Our block paving sealers are all solvent-free and contain no harmful chemicals. This is a premium quality, eco-friendly formula. Your surface will be left with a durable and long-lasting finish that shines. You can breathe new life into your driveway or patio and restore the beauty of its colour with our wet look paving sealer. This is a quick-drying sealer that is easy to apply. All that is required is a sprayer, brush or roller to apply the product and an hour or so of your time. Stains, dirt, muck, green growth and weeds will all be kept away once the block paving cleaner is on the surface. This makes for a beautiful, safe and classy patio or driveway. First impressions go a long way, and a beautifully coated stone surface can boost the value and appeal of a property. Once treated with our high-performing block paving cleaner, your stone surface will be a lot easier to maintain, clean and enjoy!

Applying Block Paving Sealer

Applying our professional block paving sealer could not be easier. The first thing to do is to prepare the surface. Thoroughly clean your block paving, ensuring it is free of dirt, much and algae. Patio Perfect’s essential block paving cleaner is the ideal product for this. Of course, if the patio, driveway or path you are treatment has only just been laid, cleaning will not be required. It is recommended that the clean is carried out a week before the application of a block paving sealer. This will ensure the surface has thoroughly dried out after the clean.

Before applying the sealer, make sure there is no debris present. Wear protective gloves, eyewear and a mask to apply. Apply the block paving sealer evenly and thinly with either a sprayer, mop, paintbrush or roller. Do not let the formula form marks of puddles and do not dilute it. Leave to dry for around one hour and apply another coat. This time apply the sealer in the opposite direction to help form a smooth finish. A third coat can be applied if necessary. Our products have consistently outperformed competing products such as Thompson block paving sealer.

Future Maintenance

Once you have treated your block paving surface with our sealer, it will be protected. Going forward, it would benefit from regular basic maintenance. This will help maximise the lifespan of the paving as well as the visual appeal. The sealer stops weeds and green growth growing on the surface, keeping infestations of such nuisances to a minimum. Sweeping the joints to ensure there is no trace of debris or organic growth is suffice once the surface is sealed. The occasional application of green growth or algae killer is also a good practice.

If you invest a small amount of effort, time and money, you block paving surface will shine for years to come. With a combination of our professional products and a maintenance routine, your stone will never look old, dull or tired. You only need to re-apply our block paving sealer once every few years to keep it vibrant and weed-free. This is in marked contrast from market leader Thompson block paving sealer which needs to be applied every year for lasting protection.

Contact our friendly team if you would like any assistance with looking after your block paving surface. We are here to help.

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