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Protecting You Concrete Surfaces With A Professional Concrete Sealer

Concrete is a material widely used for the construction of home and business features. Driveways, patios, pathways and garage floors are often made using concrete. Concrete sealer is a must-have for any property owner wanting to get the maximum lifespan from their concrete surface. A premium concrete floor sealer will keep your stone attractive, healthy and clean. If your garage has concrete flooring, garage floor concrete sealer will maintain the health of the floor while providing protection.

Patio Perfect’s essential concrete sealer is the most effective way to protect any concrete surface. It provides an attractive finish that works as a protective seal. This stops moisture and grime from absorbing into the concrete and hindering its health and appearance. Concrete is a reliable and durable option for surfaces that endure heavy traffic. Many garages, sheds and work areas will have concrete flooring for this reason. Sealing the floor with a garage floor concrete sealer can make cleaning and maintenance much easier. Many business and homeowners invest in concrete surfaces for both inside and outside of their properties. The qualities certainly outweigh the drawbacks of concrete, but there are some things to consider. The porous nature of the stones leaves it vulnerable to the elements and contaminations such as algae. This will begin to wear away the surface over time. Our concrete floor sealer gives an invisible layer of protection against such things. This will stop grime, mould and algae penetrating the stone. Using our advanced knowledge, we have created a professional non-solvent solution that is safe for internal and external concrete.

Using a top- performance concrete floor sealer will provide ultimate protection as well as reduce the maintenance required going forward. Maintaining the concrete surface once it has been sufficiently sealed means future care will be much easier. Organic growth, such as algae and lichen, will only thrive on a moist surface. Our concrete floor sealer will deter this growth. It will be easy to sweep away dirt and day-to-day muck from the surface once it is sealed. Pressure washing should no longer be required. If you do need to pressure wash, be sure not to do so frequently as this can cause some wear.

Concrete Floor sealer for Driveways And Garages

Concrete is used in a multitude of ways in the building industry. It is hard-wearing, long-lasting and practical. This does not mean that it is immortal. If a concrete surface does not receive the correct care, it will inevitably suffer damage. This damage can be avoided, and wear can be minimised by using a top-quality concrete sealer. Many garages across the UK will have a concrete floor. Cars, storage boxes, tools and various other things will be on this surface daily. Over time, this will cause damage and wear. Our garage floor concrete sealer will protect the concrete and enhance its longevity.

A common issue with all types of concrete surfaces is cracking. Various things can cause this. These include sub-base issues, thin slabs, wrong concrete mix, and the concrete being laid in the unsuitable conditions. These things will weaken the surface and increase the chance of cracking and deterioration. A concrete sealer will not make your concrete invincible, but it will significantly reduce decline, keeping issues at bay for years. Most problems with concrete come from moisture absorbing into the substrate. If applying the sealer to newly laid concrete, it should be left to cure first for up to 30 days first.

Patio Perfect’s Essential Concrete Sealer

Patio Perfects concrete floor sealer is a versatile and highly water-resistant product. It is incredibly effective on a multitude of concrete surfaces. Some of which include:

  • Flooring
  • Pathways
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Walls
  • Garage floors
  • Sheds and outhouses
  • Warehouses
  • Car parks

Our concrete sealer is specially formulated to penetrate the porous and most vulnerable elements of the concrete. It will seal the material from the inside out, providing a water-resistant film that is not visible. This will continue to protect for up to five years. You may wish to lightly re-apply every few years for added protection if the area is used daily. Our concrete sealer is ready to use and easy to apply. This is a solvent-free, highly effective product.

Applying Our Concrete Floor Sealer

If the concrete surface has recently been laid, ensure it has been left to cure. If not, you should clean the concrete before sealing. Patio Perfect’s essential concrete cleaner is the perfect product for the job. Allow a minimum of two days for the surface to completely dry out after cleaning before sealing. The ratio for application will vary greatly depending on the area you are treating. If the area is somewhat porous due to insufficient screeding, you will need a ratio of roughly 3m² per litre. Surfaces with a polished or smooth finish will be more like 8-10 m² per litre for coverage.

It is advised that a second coat is applied before the initial coat has thoroughly dried. The first coat should saturate the area, with the latter being a lighter coat. Usually, 20-60 mins between coats is adequate. Our concrete sealer is solvent-free and will, therefore, not create overpowering smells or fumes. It is advised to wear protective clothing when applying and to air rooms if using indoors.

You can apply this sealer using a brush, roller or sprayer. Sprayers are more suited for larger areas. Ensure that the treatment area is completely free from any debris before you begin. A small test on the area is recommended before fully applying the sealer. This product should never be diluted. It is ready to use and does not require any additions. Once both coats of the concrete sealer have been applied, you will need to leave it to dry. This will generally take around 45-60 minutes but will vary depending on the area. You will need to make sure that the area remains completely dry for at least six hours after application.

For advice on how to maintain your stone surfaces and the best products to use, contact us. Our team are always keen to help.

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£39.95£114.95 inc. VAT
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page


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