Looking After Limestone Surfaces

Patio Perfect understand the value of limestone for any building. This beautiful stone transforms any area, and it goes without saying that you will want to look after it. A premium limestone sealer such as ours will provide the protection your limestone needs. Applying a black limestone sealer will keep the stone visually pleasing as well as enhance its lifespan. By offering protection from many elements, limestone sealer helps you to get the most from your patio, pathway or feature. Our wet look limestone sealer gives long-lasting water-residency to all types of internally and external limestone surfaces.

Limestone is commonly used for flooring and tiles both inside and outside of properties. Many bathrooms and kitchens benefit from the beautiful addition of limestone and its aesthetic qualities. But limestone is always used for many outdoor features. This leaves it at risk of weather wear as well as muck, algae and mould. Black limestone sealer is essential if you want to correctly maintain your limestone for years to come. Our versatile limestone sealer can be used on any type of limestone surface. A well maintained and professionally sealed limestone patio will be a stunning addition for any outside area. If limestone is correctly looked after it will have a long lifespan. The drawback of limestone is that, as a softer material, it is vulnerable to scratches and marks. Using the right specialised cleaning and sealing products can rejuvenate your surface and protect it. Limestone is also a highly porous material, making it susceptible to infestations such as algae, black spot and lichen. A good quality black limestone sealer will provide a protective film to deter these contaminations.

Limestone is a favourable choice due to its beauty. Limestone surfaces and features are available in a variety of styles and colours, undoubtedly adding appeal and value to a property. Homeowners, business owners, builders and landscapers are showing an increased interest in this stunning stone. It is crucial to understand the need for a top-quality wet look limestone sealer in order to get the most from limestone features. The porosity of limestone can be quite damaging if not addressed. A protective sealer will combat this issue quickly. Black limestone is a favourable choice due to its light and dark contrast. Using a professional black limestone sealer enables you to protect the visual qualities as well as the condition of your stone. This will also reduce the frequency and complexity of ongoing maintenance.

Patio Perfect’s Essential Limestone Sealer Range

Patio Perfect’s range of sealers offers a choice of three premium quality products. This means that we have a sealer with a finish to suit all tastes and styles. All of our limestone cleaners and sealers are hard-wearing and safe. This means they can be used both indoors and outdoors without posing health risks or emitting strong odours. Here are the professional black limestone sealer formulas we have to offer and their unique qualities:

Essential Limestone Sealer Colour Boost – This enhancer formula creates a long-lasting coating which is highly stain-resistant. This product will gently magnify the natural colour of the surface. This high-performance sealer is designed for natural stone surfaces. It will enhance the colour of the surface and restore its appearance. This is ideal for sun worn patios or tired-looking coloured stone. Sandstone and slate would also benefit from this colour boost product. This eco-friendly solution provides protection from staining and can be used both internally and externally.

Essential Limestone Sealer Matt Finish – This is a professional, fast-acting and quick-drying solution. It works by forming a hard-wearing and stain-resistant coating on the natural stone. The surface will be left with a beautiful matt finish. This stone sealer is specially formulated for outdoor limestone surfaces. It is also highly effective on surfaces made of slate and sandstone. It is a water-resistant product that is best suited to patios, driveways and garden features. The visually stunning matt finish will boost the appeal of any external surface. It protects from infestations such as green growth, algae and efflorescence.

Essential Limestone Sealer Satin Finish – This quick-drying solution provides a beautiful satin gloss finish to your natural stone. This hard-wearing, stain and water-resistant coating will protect as well as visually enhance your stone. This is perfect for stone with colour that is looking a little worn. The wet look limestone sealer will intensify the colour of your limestone.

Applying Our Limestone Sealer

To use our high-performance limestone sealer, you must first ensure that the surface is free of debris. The treatment area will also need to be completely dry before you apply the sealer. Make sure the weather conditions are mild and not wet during the application and drying period. Be sure to take precautions by wearing protective clothing such as eye wear, gloves and a mask. To apply the formula, you can opt for a low-pressure sprayer, sponge, natural fibre brush or roller. Decide which will make application easier for your particular surface. The product does not require dilution at all. Doing so will lessen the effect of the sealer. If there is any excess sealer left on the surface 30 minutes after application, this must be removed.

It is advised that you apply the limestone sealer in two coats. The second coat should be applied 45-60 minutes after the initial layer for maximum results. The stone should be left to dry for roughly 72 hours after application, so favourable weather conditions are important. Drying time for outdoor surfaces will reduce in the warmer months.

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