The Importance Of A High-performance Natural Stone Sealer

Natural stone is a beautiful material used on a wealth of surfaces, both in the home and business environment. Looking after this material does not have to be complicated. Using a professional natural stone sealer will give your surface the protection it needs to shine all year through. Natural stone sealer wet look will give your stone a stunning finish while protecting against damage and wear. Natural stone is used as part of many home improvements. Its aesthetic qualities boost the value and appeal of a building when looked after correctly. If you have external natural stone surfaces, Patio Perfect’s patio stone sealer delivers outstanding and long-lasting results.

Some popular features that natural stone is perfect for include:

  • Driveway
  • Walls
  • Patios
  • Garden features such as pathways, arches, statues and benches
  • Fireplaces and mantle pieces
  • Countertops – Both kitchen and bathroom

To retain a pristine appearance and get the most from your natural stone, a top-quality natural stone sealer is key. A patio stone sealer will enhance the durability of your stone, increasing its resistance to moisture and staining. All-natural stone surfaces will require an application of sealer to achieve its maximum life span. It isn’t always obvious which product you need when it comes to taking care of stone surfaces. Many cleaning and sealing products are available, but it is essential only to use what is suitable. Using the wrong solutions may cause more harm than good, damaging the stone surface.

Choosing The Best Natural Stone Sealer For Your Stone

It is important that you correctly determine the type of patio stone sealer your surface requires. These are split into two main categories, penetrating sealers, and topical sealers.

Penetrating Sealers – These penetrate the natural stone to protect it from oil and water. These sealers will not change the appearance of the surface; they purely absorb to provide a protective barrier. While this is good for the health of the stone, it does not protect the top layer from damage. Scratches, etches and staining may still occur. This will leave the stone surface somewhat vulnerable, meaning additional maintenance is needed. The benefit of this is that you just apply the sealer and leave it to quickly absorb, leaving no trace. A penetrating sealer is usually recommended, particularly if you are looking for a highly effective natural stone patio sealer.

Topical Sealers – A wet look stone sealer will form a thin protective coat on top of the stone surface for protection. This is liquid-resistant and will provide protection from oil and water staining. This type of sealer does change the appearance of the stone by giving a polished shine. Sometimes it can darken the stone’s colour, but this will be subtle.

If you prefer a wet look stone sealer, you must be aware that its glossy finish can reduce slip resistance. It will also wear down rather quickly, requiring frequent applications which is not advised.

Patio Perfects Essential Natural Stone Sealer Range

At Patio Perfect, we understand that different surfaces have different needs. You can choose from three types of sealer finish with our professional range of natural stone sealers. The natural stone sealers we offer are:

All stone sealer colour boost – This product is suited to all external, porous natural stone surfaces. Ideal for use on pathways, paving and patios. This colour-intensifying solution gives a long-lasting stain-resistant film. Great for use on limestone, slate, concrete, sandstone and many other stone types.

All stone sealer matt finish – A high-performance, quick-drying formula that gives a beautiful matt finish. This long-lasting, stain-resistant solution is perfect for outdoor porous stone surfaces such as driveways, patios and pathways. This sealer provides protection from infestations such as efflorescence, algae and green growth.

All stone sealer satin finish – A professional wet look stone sealer specially formulated for external porous stone surfaces. For use on slate, sandstone, limestone, concrete, terracotta and many more stone types. This is a quick-drying sealer that creates a satin gloss coating on the surface while making it durable and stain-resistant. The beautiful satin finish boosts the natural stone colours. You can apply additional coats to intensify the gloss.

Sealer’s gold colour boost -This is a top-quality sealer that is suited to all internal natural stone surfaces and features. This enhancer solution provides your stone with a long-lasting, water and stain-resistant layer. It will gently accentuate the natural colours of the stone, giving a stunning finish. This eco-friendly, versatile sealer protects your stone while boosting it aesthetically.

Sealer’s gold matt finish – A perfect premium quality sealer for internal natural stone surfaces. Providing a gold standard of protection and finish. This sealer gives a quick-drying, matt finish, that protects your stone from water and oil stains. The stain-resistant coating enhances the look of your stone. A versatile and eco-friendly product.

Sealer’s gold satin finish – A professional wet look stone sealer, suitable for interior natural stone features and surfaces. This provides a gold standard gloss coating that is durable and attractive. Leaving your stone stain-resistant and shiny, this satin finish protects as well as enhances. This is a multi-surface, eco-friendly natural stone sealer that leaves an amazing finish.

Applying Natural Stone Sealer

Some types of natural stone are particularly porous, making it rather absorbent. The coverage you will achieve from your sealer will largely depend on the type of stone surface you are treating. To apply the solution, be sure to clear the area of any dirt and debris. Wear protective clothing when using the patio stone sealer and only apply to a completely dry surface. If you are applying to an outdoor area, avoid doing so if wet weather is expected in the coming days.

You can apply the formula using a sprayer, sponge or roller. Apply the sealer neat, it does not require dilution. Remove any leftover solution from the area. Two coats should be applied, roughly 45-60 minutes apart. Drying of the surface will depend on many things but should tale no more than 72 hours.

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