Maintaining Your Patio With Patio Sealer

Patios are extremely popular additions to homes and businesses around the UK. Protecting your patio with a professional patio sealer is key to maximising the benefits and lifespan of your stone. Choosing the best sealer for patio slabs can seem daunting, but we have the perfect solution for all surface types. Maybe you are looking to seal the porous nature of the stone? Or perhaps you require a wet look patio sealer? Whatever your patio sealer needs, Patio Perfect have the product for the job.

Keeping your patio in prime condition will call for a degree of maintenance. Patios surfaces come in many materials. Natural stone, concrete and brick pavers will all need sealing for protection. The less porous the stone type, the less intense the sealer treatment needs to be. A porous stone such as sandstone will require an impregnating sealer. These work by quickly absorbing into the stone and sealing off the porous elements. Your stone will then be protected against moisture damage and damp weather. This will help deter organic growth, such as algae and green growth. A less porous stone, such as slate or granite, may benefit from a topical sealer. This will form a protective seal on the stone, boosting its colour and providing an aesthetically pleasing finish. The material of your patio surface is definitely an essential factor when deciding which patio sealer to use.

The Benefits Of Using A Good Quality Patio Sealer

Using the best cleaning and sealing products on your patio will reduce the time and effort required for future maintenance. Patio Perfect has a premium range of essential patio sealers and patio cleaners. Our professional sealer for patio slabs is a top-performance sealer that has been specially crafted for patios of all varieties. Applying a good patio sealer such as ours will provide many benefits. It will protect the patio surface while retaining its visual beauty. A wet-look patio sealer can breathe new life into a drab looking patio. The colour and shine of a worn patio will be enhanced with the use of our sealer for patio slabs. This will instantly boost the appeal of your patio, making it a welcoming area.

The need for future patio maintenance is significantly reduced once a good quality patio sealer has been applied. Simple cleaning is all that will be required, with re-application of sealer not needed for several years. A protective sealer will prevent the colour of your patio suffering fading from sunlight. This means your surface will be shining all year round. A sealer will also protect the pointing from the harshness of UK weather. It will reduce the risk of surface eroding or cracking. Entertaining guests on a beautiful patio makes all the difference. Our sealers give you the ability to show off a beautifully cared for patio no matter what the weather.

Our Sealer For Patio Slabs

We have a sealer for every type of surface. Our versatile sealers are quick, easy and safe to apply as well as cost-effective. Patios are quite an investment, and it is crucial to use only the best products for protection. Using the wrong formula on your patio could cause more harm than good. Our team are at hand to advise you on the most effective product for your surface type. Each stone type will have its unique characteristics, and it is important to treat the stone accordingly. Our sealers will give an average of three years’ worth of protection. It is then easy to apply a new coat and enhance that protection. This will vary depending on the surface type, condition and location. All our sealers can be applied easily with either a roller, sprayer or sponge. Two coats are required, with the second to be applied before the first has fully dried. Usually, 30-45 minutes between coats is advised. If you require a wet look patio sealer we also have a few options that can really transform and enhance the look of your patio.

Patio Perfect’s Essential Patio Sealer Range

Patio Perfect offer three main types of patio sealer, all of which are solvent-free and eco-friendly. These are:

All stone sealer – Colour boost – This will enhance the appearance of the patio and leave it looking richer. It is suitable for use as a sealer for patio slabs and all types of patios and paving. This colour enhancing solution forms a stain-resistant and long-lasting film on the surface. This all-purpose stone sealer is highly effective on porous outdoor natural stone surfaces. Materials include sandstone, slate, terracotta, concrete, limestone and more. This product is not recommended for non-porous surfaces.

All stone sealer – Matt finish – This high-performance solution will not noticeably alter the stone’s appearance. It is perfect for use on all types of paving, patios and pathways. This is a quick-drying formula that provides a long-lasting coat. This matt look coating is stain-resistant and subtle in appearance. This solution was specially crafted for use on porous external stone. Surface types include limestone, concrete, york stone, slate, sandstone and many more. Essential all stone sealer matt finish gives exceptional water-resistance as well as a beautify matt finish. This helps to deter green growth, algae, lichen and black spot.

All stone sealer – Satin finish – This professional, quick-drying solution forms a stunning satin gloss finish on your surface and is often described as a wet look patio sealer. This coating leaves you patio stain resistant, durable and beautiful. It is suitable for all types of pathways, patios and paving. This includes natural stone surfaces made from terracotta, slate, quarry tile, concrete, sandstone, limestone and more. This high-performance sealer is specially formulated for external porous surfaces. It provides a hard-wearing finish that will intensify the colour of your stone. This attractive satin look can be accentuated with extra coats. Your stone will be protected against stains as well as many forms of organic growth.

It is advised that you wear protective clothing when applying our essential patio sealers. This includes eyewear, masks and gloves. Full application instructions are provided with all products. Take a look at the sealers section of our website to see the products we have available. Feel free to contact our team of friendly professionals for further information.

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