Looking After Sandstone With The Best Sandstone Sealer

Sandstone is an understandably popular choice of stone for a multitude of surfaces and features in both residential and commercial properties. Sandstone sealer is a must-have when looking to protect your natural stone and ensure it is cared for. Sandstone is used both internally and externally, and it is a beautiful stone. An Indian sandstone sealer will emphasise the beauty of the surface while providing ultimate protection. Sealer for sandstone paving will help protect the surface from weather wear, cracking and organic growth, as well as staining. The versatility of sandstone means it is widely used across many properties and has a wide range of uses. Our high-performance sandstone sealer has been specially made for natural sandstone surfaces. Sandstone has an array of stunning colours and finishes, and no two sandstone surfaces will look identical. This means it is a very aesthetically pleasing addition to any building. Add a protective coating from a sandstone sealer, and you will have a surface that is beautiful as well as resilient.

The Porosity Of Sandstone

There are a wealth of benefits to using sandstone for indoor and outdoor features. However, there is also one main drawback to this type of stone. Sandstone is a highly porous natural stone. This means that a careful maintenance and care routine is essential in order to achieve the best from sandstone. Using the correct sandstone cleaners and sealers will ensure longevity and retain the beauty of the stone. As tempting as it may be to use every-day cleaning products, do not do this on sandstone. These can cause damage to the surface.

The porosity of sandstone makes it particularly vulnerable to issues relating to moisture. These include infestations of algae, green growth, lichen and black spot. The presence of these contaminations is not only unattractive but also unsafe as they pose a slip hazard. Using a high-quality sandstone cleaner will eradicate this problem. Applying Patio Perfect’s essential sandstone cleaner will help to protect the stone against anything that is easily absorbed. It will also reduce the risk of cracking and leave the surface stain-resistant.

Indian Sandstone Sealer

Patio Perfect have a highly efficient range of professional sandstone sealer products. All of which are cost-effective and safe and easy to apply. All you will need is a sponge, sprayer or roller to apply and some protective clothing. Sandstone is often referred to as Indian sandstone. This is because most sandstone products originate from India. Indian sandstone is a desirable stone choice and protecting it is a simple process with our Indian sandstone sealer. Protecting and enhancing your stone is a fast and effective process. You will need two applications, roughly 30-45 minute apart. It is crucial that the second coating is applied before the first is completely dry. Our sandstone sealers are eco-friendly and solvent-free products. Your Indian sandstone will have protection against the elements, and organic growth will be deterred and slowed down immediately.

Sealer For Sandstone Paving, Patios And Flooring

Sandstone is the most popular natural stone choice and is widely used for features and surfaces. Other natural stone types such as granite and limestone are also popular. Sandstone provides a distinctive, decorative style to a property that is difficult to compete with. Any garden space will immediately be enhanced with the addition of sandstone. Increasing amounts of homeowners, business owners and landscapers are choosing sandstone over other natural stone types. With this beauty comes responsibility, as beautiful features made from sandstone can quickly deteriorate physically if not correctly cared for.

Sealing your sandstone surface with a high-performance sealer for sandstone paving will protect it from water penetration. This will stop algae and lichen from thriving on the surface. Damp sandstone will eventually deteriorate in quality and durability, so it is essential to protect it with the best sealer. Paving, patios and pathways will become drained of colour if not sufficiently protected. Sunlight will fade the colour of the stone significantly. A UV resistant sandstone sealer will protect the surface from looking dull and drab due to sunlight exposure. Heavy rain fall and a build-up of leaves and muck will also take its toll on your surfaces. It is important to protect your sandstone from these elements the best you can. The perfect solution is our range of sandstone sealers that are available in a variety of finishes. You will enjoy the benefits of our sealers for approximately three years. After this time it is recommended to apply another layer.

Patio Perfect’s Essential Sandstone Sealer Range

There are various sandstone sealer products to choose from when looking at our essential range. Our colour boost products will accentuate the colour of your stone, bringing out and enhancing its natural glow. Our satin finish formulas give a beautiful shine while adding vibrancy. This will provide a stunning wet look finish that really stands out. Our matt finish sealers give a more subtle and elegant coating to your sandstone. The matt finish option is a popular choice for property owners that do not want the surface appearance to change. This sealer focuses on impregnating the porous layers of the stone and providing protection from the inside out. For internal natural stone surfaces, our essential gold sealers are perfect. The essential sealers that we offer are:

  • Sandstone cleaner colour boost
  • Sandstone cleaner matt finish
  • Sandstone cleaner satin finish
  • Sealer’s gold colour boost
  • Sealer’s gold matt finish
  • Sealer’s gold satin finish

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If you are unsure which of our products is best suited to your natural stone, contact us. We have a fully trained team of professionals who would love to help. All our cleaners and sealers have full descriptions on our website and are provided with application instructions. Investing in sandstone is a great choice. It makes sense to want to ensure you are correctly looking after it and getting the most from its beauty. Our products and expertise make this possible.

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