The Importance Of Slate Sealer For Slate Surfaces, Tiles And Patios

Slate is a beautiful choice of natural stone and using a dedicated slate sealer is important. A high-quality slate tile sealer will leave your surface looking radiant and clean while protecting against moisture and damage. Slate is a popular material, with many home and business owners alike opting for this striking natural stone. The classy addition of a slate floor or feature will enhance any property. It is vital to ensure it is correctly looked after by using the correct slate tile sealer and cleaner. If you have a slate patio that needs sealing, our slate patio sealer can provide lasting protection.

Slate is a fine-grained rock that is commonly used in the building and landscaping trades. It makes for beautiful tiles, flooring, roofs and patios. Slate varies in appearance but will usually be either light or dark grey. It can blend the two to give a unique and attractive look. One of the main benefits of using slate is its hard-wearing qualities. This is a dense material and therefore not particularly porous unlike other natural stone types such as sandstone or limestone. This is why slate is commonly used for roofing. It is not overly vulnerable to absorbing moisture and highly resistant to frost and ice penetration. Due to these valuable qualities, slate can be costly. With this in mind, you will want to protect this investment. Applying a professional slate tile sealer will enhance the durability of the stone while preventing deterioration, which means you can enjoy the appearance and quality of your slate through all seasons.

Similarly, our essential slate patio sealer will protect your patio surface from decline and keep it gleaming all year round. Using our premium slate patio sealer will leave your surface water-resistant and therefore deter organic growth such as lichen, green growth and algae. Slate is a durable and crack resistant natural stone that, if it is looked after correctly, will last many years. Due to this durability, many bathrooms and kitchens will have slate flooring, countertops and features.

Things To Consider With Slate Surfaces

While the many positive features of slates outweigh the drawbacks greatly, it is important to know all information. One thing to bear in mind when choosing slate as a material is cost. Due to its durability, aesthetic appeal and longevity, slate can be expensive. Also, installing slate is not as easy as some other stone types and It could take a bit more time. Slate will require looking after from the moment it is laid, but this doesn’t have to be an elaborate routine. The stone should be sealed as soon as it is installed and re-sealed every few years. Another thing to note is that the grouting in slate can be vulnerable to dirt and mould. If cleaned and sealed correctly, this does not have to be an issue.

If you have a beautiful slate patio, you will need to ensure it is sealed after installation with a slate patio sealer. This will mean you have a surface that is fully protected against the elements. You can also choose a variety of options with our slate patio sealer. A variety of finishes are available, including colour boost, matt finish and satin finish. Patio Perfect’s products are specially formulated to provide ultimate protection to slate.

Patio Perfect’s Essential Sealer Range

Our products are available in a variety of finishes. We have the solutions you need to ensure your slate retains that new look at all times. All our products are eco-friendly, solvent-free and safe for use indoors and outdoors. Our hard-wearing, durable slate tile sealer is professional and will provide outstanding results. The long-lasting protection you will gain from our slate tile sealer is second to none. The beauty of slate is unique, and it will be magnified with our products. Our sealer’s gold products are perfect for sealing internal slate surfaces. Our essential slate tile sealer formulas include:

Slate sealer colour boost – This enhancer formula provides a quick-drying and long-lasting layer. The stain-resistant coating will protect your slate while intensifying its natural colour. This is also suitable for other natural stone surfaces such as limestone and sandstone. Can also be used on internal surfaces.

Slate sealer matt finish – This quick-drying, long-lasting formula provides a subtle matt finish that is highly stain resistant. Suitable for external natural slate surfaces, as well as limestone and sandstone. A highly effective deterrent against organic growth such as algae and efflorescence.

Slate sealer satin finish – This professional slate sealer provides a stunning satin gloss finish. It is a long long-lasting and quick-drying formula that gives maximum protection against staining. A sealer created especially for natural stone surfaces including slate, limestone and sandstone. This sealer accentuates the colour of the stone. Can also be used on internal surfaces.

Sealer’s gold colour boost – This enhancer formula creates a long-lasting coating. It leaves the surface stain-resistant and gently accentuates natural colours.

Sealer’s gold matt finish – A high-performance, multi-surface impregnating sealer. This quick-drying solution creates a long-lasting, matt look layer that is highly resistant against oil and water stains.

Sealer’s gold satin finish – A very effective, quick-drying formula that provides a beautiful satin finish. Your surface will have a durable, long-lasting and stain resistant gloss.

Application Of Our Slate Sealer

It is advised to use protective eye wear, gloves and a mask when applying our slate sealer products. You can apply the formula using a roller, sponge or sprayer, depending on the coverage area. Remove any debris and loose bits from the surface. Always make sure you are applying the slate sealer to a completely dry surface. Do not start the application if rain is due in the next day or so. Any excess sealer should be removed quickly after application, and two coats of the sealer are required. The second coat is to be applied before the first has fully dried. This will usually be around 45 minutes after application. For the surface to dry completely after both applications, it can take up to 72 hours.

Contact Patio Perfect if you would like any advice on our products or how to look after your stone surface.

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