Stone Sealer Products

There is a wide variety of stone types available on the market, too many to list. This means there is also a wide selection of stone sealer products. Patio Perfect has the only stone sealer you need to ensure your stone gets maximum care and protection. Optimise the longevity and beauty of your stone surfaces by investing in the best quality and most effective sealer. It can be confusing when looking at a wealth of product types. Stone floor sealer, sealer for stone patio, it can be hard to know where to look. Our sealer for a stone patio delivers outstanding results on all types of stone surfaces.

Stone Surfaces

Builders, landscapers, business owners and property owners use a variety of stone for construction projects. The benefits of stone are that it comes in so many different styles, colours and textures. A beautiful stone patio, driveway or garden feature will boost the value and appeal of any property. Similarly, internal stone flooring is a lovely addition. Our stone floor sealer is a highly effective sealer that is easy to apply and cost-effective. Natural stone refers to stone such as Indian sandstone, granite, marble, slate and limestone. All stone types vary in porosity, with some varieties being highly porous. If you have a patio laid with porous stone, such as limestone or sandstone, an impregnating sealer is best. These sealers work by quickly absorbing into the stone and locking in a protective barrier. This will prevent moisture from penetrating the surface. Using a sealer on the porous stone will deter contaminations from the likes of algae, green growth, lichen and black spot.

Less porous, harder stone surfaces, such as granite, marble and slate would benefit from a topical sealer. These sealers form a protective and attractive finish on the surface of the stone. There is a variety of options with our range of sealers. You can opt for the colour boost option, leaving the natural colour of your stone accentuated and glowing. The protective coating formed by a topical sealer is stain resistant and long-lasting. A stone such as granite is extremely tough and therefore very difficult for water to penetrate. This means infestations of things such as mould, green growth and algae are not likely.

Sealer For Stone Patio And Driveway Surfaces

Using a sealer for stone patio surfaces will add a highly effective level of protection to your stone. It will also make future maintenance of your patio easier and quicker. Our stone patio sealer will ensure your patio, pathway or driveway is protected against grease and oil stains. The porosity of the stone will be reduced significantly once treated with our professional sealer. This means the unsightly presence of algae and lichen will be a thing of the past. Organic growth poses a slip hazard for external surfaces. Using our premium sealers eliminates this issue.

External stone surfaces, such as patios, paving and driveways, are prone to deterioration. Harsh and damp weather conditions and heavy foot and vehicle traffic will all take its toll on the stone. This makes a high-quality stone sealer a must-have if you wish to get the most from your external stone. Preserving the health and lifespan of your patio or driveway is easy and cost-effective with our professional sealer products. The level of protection provided by our top-performance sealers means your stone will be protected through all seasons.

Stone Floor Sealer For Internal Surfaces

Many types of natural stone are used for internal flooring, surfaces and features, as well as external. High-end hallway tiling, kitchen flooring and bathroom features are commonly constructed using varieties of stone. A good quality stone tile sealer is the perfect solution for caring for internal stone tiling. Some internal stone such as porcelain, marble and granite may not require a sealer initially as they are sufficiently protected. However, stone such as limestone, sandstone and slate will need to be sealed from the start. Walls, flooring and features constructed with these types of stone will begin deteriorating swiftly if not adequately protected. If these types of surfaces are left unsealed, they will attract dirt and staining, quickly becoming unattractive and tired. This can also pose a health risk as bacteria will thrive on an unclean surface. Our cleaners and sealers are the best solutions when looking to maximise the cleanliness and health of any stone surface.

Natural stone countertops are an aesthetically pleasing addition to kitchens and bathrooms. Many homes and businesses opt for beautiful stone surface tops, and it is an excellent investment that should be looked after. Choosing the correct sealer to enhance and protect these surfaces is vital to upstand appeal and value. Every-day cleaning products should be avoided when maintaining stone surfaces. This is because they may contain bleaches or harsh chemicals that could stain or damage the surface. Etching may occur and cause harm that is hard to resolve. Patio Perfect’s sealers are dedicated to the task and will only enhance the quality of your stone.

Patio Perfect’s Essential Sealer Range

Patio Perfect has a range of exceptional products to suit all surface types. You can choose our colour boost option to intensify the colour of your stone. Our satin gloss finish sealer leaves your stone with a stunning shine that enhances its natural beauty. The matt finish sealer option is perfect for surfaces that do not require a noticeable coating. This will provide a classy matt finish while protecting the stone from moisture. Our essential sealer’s gold range offer all three finishes for internal stone surfaces.

All of Patio Perfect’s essential sealers are long-lasting, quick-drying products that are easy to apply. Simply ensure the area is clean and dry and apply with a roller, sprayer or sponge. Protective clothing should be worn during the application, and two coats are required. Full instructions are available for each product. Furthermore, our sealers are eco-friendly and solvent-free formulas that provide outstanding results every time.

Stone Sealer Products


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