Wet Look Sealer For Internal And External Surfaces

Whether you are looking for a wet look sealer for your internal or external stone, Patio Perfect have it all. Maybe you want a wet look paving sealer to enhance and protect your outdoor stone areas? Perhaps a wet look stone sealer for indoor flooring will suit you best? We have an exceptional variety of top-performing sealer products to suit all surfaces. Our affordable sealers provide optimum protection as well as a classy finish to any horizontal or vertical hard surface. Our sealers provide a long-lasting and stylish finish on a multitude of surface types.

What Is A Wet Look Stone Sealer?

This type of sealer gives a stunning satin finish to natural stone and tile surfaces. It provides an attractive sheen on top of the stone that both protects the material and enhances its vibrancy. We offer professional wet look stone sealers for materials of all porosity. Sandstone, slate and limestone are relatively porous natural stones. Our limestone and sandstone satin finish sealer are suitable for porous natural stone and easy to use. We also have highly effective sealer products for clay, block pavers, brick and many other surface variations. A premium quality sealer such as ours is a must-have when enhancing and protecting internal and external hard surfaces.

The Benefits

Using a high-quality wet look sealer has many benefits. Here we look at some of those:

  • Wet look sealing enhances the overall appearance of the surface
  • Wet surface areas will be more hygienic
  • It provides a substantial degree of waterproofing
  • Wet look sealing intensifies the surface colour
  • It reduces the time and effort involved in future cleaning and maintenance
  • It provides effective stain resistance

The addition of a wet look sealer is a highly decorative feature that boosts the look and feel of any space. Choosing the best wet look sealer to suit your surface is important.

Choosing The Right Sealer

Paving and pathways can be constructed using a variety of different materials. It’s best to be clued up on the material used for your surface before investing in a wet look paving sealer. Limestone, tile, gravel, concrete and brick are all popular material types for pavers. The kind of material will impact the efficiency of the sealer you decide to use. With this in mind, it is important to consider these factors when purchasing your sealer.

Affordability – The cost of a product will always be a key factor when making a purchase. At Patio Perfect, we pride ourselves on offering the best products at an outstanding value. Our products are budget-friendly and long-lasting. You may find cheaper sealers on the market but be very cautious. These may not perform the required task and could cause harm to your stone. Be sure to research before buying any product.

The benefits of a non-slip surface – A non-slip sealer is essential. This is particularly true for floor surfaces that will be walked on regularly. A wet look finish will instantly enhance the visual aspect of your surface, but it also needs to be safe. Eradicate the safety hazard of a slippery surface by purchasing a non-slip wet look sealer. Our sealers are specially designed to be non-slip, leaving your surface safe underfoot.

Surface finish – This is down to preference. Cosmetically, what sort of finish do you want your surface to have? The type of finish you choose will not change the function of the sealer. An excellent way to decide on the finish you want is to look at images of different types. This way, you can have a feel of what would suit your tastes best.

How long will the sealer remain effective?

The length of time a sealer remains effective will depend on several factors. On some surfaces, you can expect your sealer to last for five years before a re-application is required. Factors that will determine the life expectancy of your wet look sealer include:

  • Location of the substrate
  • The exposure the substrate has to the elements
  • The PH level of the substrate
  • The porosity of the substrate
  • The type of sealer you are applying
  • The amount of wet look sealer you are applying
  • The type of surface material

Patio Perfects Essential Wet Look Sealer Range

Patio Perfect has a selection of professional sealing products. You are sure to find the right formula for your surface. All of our sealers can be applied quickly, easily and safely. You will need to apply two coats using either a roller, sprayer or sponge. Protective clothing should be worn when applying the wet look paving sealer, and the surface should be clean and dry before you start.

All our sealers are solvent-free and eco-friendly. If you want advice on the best wet look sealer for your stone type, our team are happy to help. We have the expertise to help you find the perfect solution. If you are unsure of your surface material, contact us. You can find detailed descriptions of all the products we have to offer on the sealer section of our website. Ordering our products is a quick and easy process.

The wet look sealer products we offer include:

Essential all stone sealer satin finish – Best suited to external, porous surface types such as york stone, quarry tile, sandstone, limestone, concrete and terracotta.

Essential limestone sealer satin finish – Best suited to internal and external limestone surfaces. Also effective on sandstone and slate.

Essential sandstone sealer satin finish – Best suited for internal and external sandstone surfaces. Can also be used on surfaces such as slate and limestone.

Essential slate sealer satin finish – Best suited for internal and external slate surfaces. Can also be used on other porous natural stone types, such as limestone and sandstone.

Essential sealer’s gold satin finish – Suitable for all types of internal natural stone surfaces.

Wet Look Sealer Products


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